macho man

I was staring at the fuzzy little rotten spaghetti strands of carpet with a rumbling stomach, legs crossed in-between the faded Bauhaus suede couch and the quasi-wood record player speakers.

My auntie had just given me my first record -The Village People- and it featured my favorite song about my favorite wrestler, “Macho Man.”

The stereo headphones kept slipping off my soft skull as I sang-along, “I want to be a macho man!” flopping my wrists and whipping my fingertips, until a hairy knuckled talon swooped in and snatched the vinyl cover off my lap and slapped the headphones onto the carpet.

“These men are not macho,” my dad said with fire in his eyes.

My lip curled and I held my Macho Man wrestler up to my face to hid behind it.

“Nooooo…” he grumbled, his head dropping in disappointment, as my eyes widened, wobbled and watered like a handful of sawdust was thrown in them from close range.

“This song is not about the wrestler, it is about these kinds of men,” he said with an inflection of sarcasm lost on a three-year-old.

I asked what was wrong with a police man or an Indian.

“Well, they should all be fire men because they’re all flamers, that’s for sure.”  He chuckled to himself.  “Auntie wants her album back.”

My tear-ducts burst in betrayal and I howled to my mom for help.

“Ricky!” my mom screamed from behind her rage soaked crimson mask, “give him back that album and leave him alone!”

“Fine!” my dad shouted, dropping the album cover back in my lap as he blurted his botched response, “but, it’ll be YOUR fault!”

bacK alley

Across the tracks, on the deplorable side of town, when the moon rolled over you could hear the clanking of trash can lids; the rooster call of the back-alley that awoke the ash kids -pale vampires with missing teeth- from their snoozes in hallowed shrubs and other warm places. 

Itchy, droopy armed drop-outs began their evenings by foraging through garbage cans, chew through plastic bags, scratch and peel at congealed gravy remnants stuck to Swanson TV dinner trays, jellied knee scabs slurped for a cheap buzz.

Behind my house, bloody-handed panhandlers tugged loose strands of wire from balding pickup truck tires.  Back porch ashtray bandits snatched cigarette butts before the embers dulled.  Speed-walkers bumped their elbows into mini-van windows to snatch ashy nickels.  Crabby-legged woman squatted over brown grass and doused ants with wet fire.

Other unclassified miscreants buried themselves in the lightless back-alley behind my bedroom window, shuffling tired sneakers into the static of the night to return a while later dragging flat bike tires and unravelled garden hoses through the dusty gravel, tossed into the blackberry bushes.

Recently, the problem had escalated after a homeless contortionist needed a warm place to nod-off for the night and fell asleep under the hood of poor Mr. Brownstone’s imported Renault Medallion station wagon, curled up, cozy, purring like an lost kitten on a cold winter’s night having just found a frozen mouse, until poor Mr. Brownstone turned over the ignition, the cruelest shrill! – like you stomped on that kitten’s tail and smooshed it in two – as warm chunks of the scoundrel’s mauled flesh – tiny fileted flaps – spat out of the heater vents and smacked poor Mr. Brownstone across his chapped lips with a ghostly “ugh” that woke the neighbors.

I wasn’t allowed to play outside.

The Need For Military

“Can there ever be a future without war”? is the first question to ask, in regards to a need for military.

The simple answer is no.

There is not a near-future without war and terrorism.

The reason why I believe this to be true is complex, but includes religious intolerance, institutionalized racism, American supremacy and their international agenda to spread Democracy through ill-considered regime change, peak oil and food crisis, future plagues and diseases, political instability, etc.

We have to have a deeply sincere and honest conversation about what causes war, who profits from the perpetual violence, how do indiscriminate military drone attacks continue the cycle of future terrorism and -maybe most importantly- how can the religious, racial and political differences that divide us be bridged?

Until these causes of war are discussed, openly and from all sides of the argument, there will never be -in my opinion- a world that doesn’t require a military, at least on standby.

And, as long as there are Nuclear-Weapon States, there will never be world peace.

I do see there as being a role for a “military” in my utopian tomorrow and it is a strictly humanitarian/protective role that aids in natural disaster support, maintaining the peace, protecting the freedoms of the people.

Being the aggressor in military conflict is what -in my opinion- needs to end.

Especially the act of indiscriminately dropping bombs on a city where terrorist enemies are thought to be, but in actuality just kills hundreds or thousands of innocent people and turns a town into a pile of radioactive rubble.

Death isn’t liberation, so aggression should be specifically aimed towards those who deserve violent retaliation, because careless acts of force perpetuate the cycle of terrorism and unnecessary death.

I believe without absolute disarmament there will always be power struggles that will lead to violence.

The profits of war should be used to rebuild the lives destroyed by the mighty aggression, and I believe the country that drops bombs on a village to kill one person should be held accountable for the unnecessary death and destruction and be required to rebuild what they’ve exploded.

Should our tax dollars go to funding the military?

In my opinion, no.

I’m not naïve to the fact that we need a military, but I do believe there is better methods of collecting revenue to fund the military that doesn’t jeopardize education, housing or any other humanitarian endeavor.

I believe that we should consider taxing the profit of the industries that manufacture instruments of death and that tax should be used, firstly, to rebuild the infrastructure, rivers, vegetation, etc. that has been damaged by these weapons of destruction.

Secondly, it could also be used to fund the growth of the manufacturing country’s military.

In my utopian vision of tomorrow, there would be no military.

Today and tomorrow there will be, unfortunately.

For there to NOT to be war, we have to recognize our commonalities and that would require holding deep philosophical conversations worldwide that focused on bridging the ideological gaps within religion and politics, firstly.

And that won’t happen in my lifetime.


Transgender Rights

I live in a small town.  I’ve only met one sweet little eight-year old (girl) who is transgendered.  When I saw (her) playing with the other kids, (she) seemed happy and well-adjusted, laughing and giggling and lingering around my daughter, too shy to ask if she’d play with (her).  If it wasn’t for )(her) mom’s comment, I would’ve never realized that (she) was wearing flannel and identified as a he.

I’m biased in this argument because I (loosely) believe that man is evolved from the animal kingdom, so we share similarities with animals.  Biology is a fact of life; ours and the animals.

You aren’t assigned a sex by doctors or society.  Biologically, you are either “able to have a baby or you are not” and -biologically- that does define what you are (at least) born as, in regards to sex (or call it what you will).

I can follow the idea that “gender is a social construct” and applaud the attempts made at dissolving the unnecessary labels that box in our fluid individuality, an ingredient of conformity.

Man has created labels for EVERYTHING as a convenience to our ability to compare, categorize and separate the stuff we come across.  Labels -which is what a gender is- help us make assumptions, which cause us to overlook our quirks and focus on ensuring our mannerisms mock those deemed socially acceptable, so we fit in as normal…

Gender is bullshit when stripped of biology.

So, NO ONE SHOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BASED ON GENDER, just like no one should be discriminated against for labelling themselves a Christian or a Scientologist.

But -and this is my ignorance talking- why do we want to fight so hard for new labels?

What about the people who feel tormented living in the wrong skin?  Should they be permitted to change their sexual orientation through medication and surgery?

Absolutely.  You’re an adult.  It’s your body.  You decide what you do to it.  Pierce it, tattoo it, scar it, whatever…

I disagree with gender-reassignment (but, isn’t gender a social concept?) when the government labels me an abusive parent for NOT committing my adolescent child to a regimen of hormone-altering pills and surgery after (she’s) learned about transgenderism at school and decides (she’s) no longer a (girl).

As a person who struggles with bipolar disorder, I find it alarming that a group of transgender-rights activists are fighting to have gender dysphoria removed from the DSM.  I find it saddening that science is bending to cultural sensitivity and considering having it removed as being labelled a mental illness.

Psychosis is a temporary slip in reality and I’ve “read” that the majority of adolescents who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria will grow out of it, eventually.

That’s not saying everyone will, but should the government demand parents to make an irreversible choice for a child who is too young to fully understand the severity of such a procedure?

In my opinion, absolutely not.

So, let’s see where I stand.

I think LGBTQ Rights should be the same (no more, no less) than any other group of people.

I think gender IS a social construct, but will never believe biology doesn’t play a factor in your physical (sex?) attributes.

I think those who are adults and want gender-reassignment surgery should be able to easily access such procedures.

I think Gender Dysphoria needs to be studied more before it is removed from the DSM.

I think the government has NO RIGHTS telling me how to raise my son/daughter.

That makes me…

An asshole for saying something?

alphabet soup

I feel like life has been drained from me.  Then tiny holes were poked into me.  When I try to slurp that sweet soul-syrupy nectar from the cup of life it siphons out of me.  Gush.  A bit of the itchy juice tingles the toes, but they don’t bend.  Spurt.  More like an uncomfortable twitch that you wish would stop.

I feel like I’m melting into a warm tar that simmers all that I was into one and evaporates it into nothing.  Kerplunk.  No mess.  No fuss.  I’m fine.  Hiccup.  Here I am, now.  This is me.  Soup is good.  Alphabet if you’ve got it.  Two ice cubes and a napkin, please.

I feel like I’m unravelling and my blackened insides are showing-off their goopy laze.  Guck.  I try to wrap the strands of skin back ‘round my tangled organs, but it sags, droops and bounces back and knocks me unconscious.  I don’t sleep or I sleep until noon. 

I can’t remember much, lately.  I feel like I’ve held the remote long enough.  It’s your turn.  Pass it down the line…



in a protract / d wonder i locK / d up my bmx , transfix / d by the whisKer thin spider web cracKs that sprawl / d through the flaKed red paint on the biKe racK , bemused as i recall / d the Keen jaggedness of the gravel , the exiguous color progression of each chip of barK mulch n how a morning zephyr in – between strides could oscillate a lone grasshalm .

i walK / d through the hallways liKe a lopsided pinball machine in tilt , bacKpacKs elbow / d , heels swiped n step / d on , caroming off unbreaKable chains of sniggering classmates n locKers , but no “ free round ” or “ extra play ” won by display of flashing lights , no chimes n no bells , but a single high – pitch / d “ eww ” rang from a girl w / squirmy wormlet lips n teeth of dry , splinter / d wood chips , cracK / d from chewing her thicKly pasted sparKly fingernails into dull n sanguinary nubs , hip w / a Kool – aid purple spotch in the center of her roll / d bangs , her bony soul – case balloon / d in a yellow n white striped romper .

“ get out of the way , nerd ” roar / d the Kid w / a blanK cast n an oversized plastic rendition of the nineteen eighty – five wwf hulK hogan championship belt .

all of a sudden , from the inside of some Kid ’ s locKer , i suss / d out that i was that nerd they were talKing to .

“ oh yeah , ” i mumble to myself , “ i have glasses , now . ”

i sat down at my desK n was greet / d w / a rubber band to the nape , a warning shot from the school drip , the same Kid who push / d me in a locKer . i twitch / d at the snap n shutter / d at the boosterish uproar of laughter from classmates who were my friends a mere seventeen hours ago .

i sunK through an hour n eight minutes of spitballs nesting in my side – part , pen lids piling pass / d my velcro sneaKers , patent whispers n grimaces of contempt from vicious classmates , liKe dooKie throwing primates .

then , a clump of flat chest / d girls in complementary acid wash / d oshKosh b ’ gosh overalls rally / d ‘ round the desK of the hallway wormlet girl , her hairy KnucKled tentacles rolling a snotball within her bejewel / d cootie catcher flaps , her pudgy chums giggling w / rubber necKs at my forlorn shell , stoop / d over a blanK page in my notebooK , as they promised rosy rewards of “ hangouts ” if she does it , yanKing at her chair , pressuring her to hurt me in an playful way – i could tell – taunting her uncertainty , those pre – teen vampirenes needing a surrogate through which to indirectly peel bacK my fresh scabs n absorb my debased vibrations .

she lurch / d over , shoved towards my desk w / her booger clump / d cootie catcher , her friends covering their mouths as they gasp / d in blameless shock , “ she ’ s actually going to do it ! ” her body scrunching , releasing , squeezing , loosening slowly , inching closer , transitory glances , her teeth creaKing on tenterhooKs .

“ no ” i mutter / d before she puff / d noise .

“ fine ” she stammer / d , not anticipating improvisations from her mental script , miff / d n vain n being watch / d by “ the cool girls ” she continued , “ then i ’ ll picK a number for you ; four . ”

as she count / d , time slow / d n my shrunKen heart pump / d toxic sludge , hate , adrenaline , the slush in my veins iced as suppress / d childhood put – downs n ridicule erupt / d , fingertips stab / d w / daggers , Kill or be Kill / d , synapses exploded , who i was lay unconscious as survival mode KicK / d in .

as the number four quiver / d off her slimy , slippery lips , her sucKers unfold / d my fortune n “ it says you ‘ re ug – ”

in that nanosecond before she finish / d her insult my heart blacKen / d in a falsetto w / her n i blurt / d , much louder , “ you ‘ re an ugly cunt . ” it was the latest insult i endear / d n didn ’ t thinK much of it until the classroom went silent n salty tears began to pour from wormlet ’ s hairy eyelids as mr . K ’ s jaw dislocated in shocK from my fifth grade choice of words , a word no one in his class had ever utter / d , until now , but i shrug / d as it was a daily toss – around slur at home .

“ robert ! go to the office right now ! ” barK / d mr . K , but i hesitated b / c to me , that word was a just a word . no biggie . then he scream / d my name , his frecKled sKin wash / d a blood orange n as i walK / d out of the classroom , the girl w / flat hair smirK / d , cracKing her chap / d lips .

i sat in a chair that i ’ d grow used to , trying to understand what happen / d . a few days ago , i was accept / d . now , i ’ m the target . i ’ ve never had to fight , lucKily ; i ’ m little . fucK .

that ’ s when i had the epiphany ; bruises heal , but words last forever …

i remember / d my father ’ s depressive couch – rants ; “ our entire lineage , your blood , is ruthlessly pierced w / deep gut / d insults that slash spiritual arteries . ” his fury of words harden / d my soft , child ’ s sKin , but only slightly . school was my refuge , but now i ’ m not safe here , either . when i came to school that morning w / glasses , no longer was laughing off last – night ’ s commercial – breaK tirade possible .

i had now also become my classmates punching bag ; the one who they taKe their lunchbox n discount / d shoe aggression out on , the one to ridicule to build self – confidence .

i still loved life , but Knew happiness is a vulnerability when you ’ re perceived as weaK .

from that day forward , i attacK / d first . twist / d my words deep into their psychological roots , shaKing their flaws n unspoKen truths loose n smushing them into the dirt .

the next day i was playing pinball in the cafeteria . unwisely , i was wearing umbro shorts w / the built in underwear . as i tap / d the side – buttons the Kid w / the wrestler ’ s belt pull / d down my shorts , ran bacKwards a step n announced it . as everyone began to laugh , i stood there , confidently n reply / d “ don ’ t be jealous my dicK is bigger than your dad ’ s welfare check . ”

the laughter turn / d to gasps .

all of a sudden , i was KnocK / d to the ground by the leg of a lunchroom chair that he toss / d that nearly blind / d me .

then , a group of my old sorta – but – not – quite roughnecK friends jump / d him , nearly Kill / d him , ran off n never came bacK to school , after that .
from that day forward i didn ’ t raise a finger , unless to push up my glasses .

i ’ d just flutter the lips , “ shh . ”

bj draKe is dead

…bj draKe is dead .

the character of bj draKe was meant to walK the surface of my subconscious n pull the rot / d roots of depression out . but , he was dropping new , cracK / d seeds n watering them w / the tears of my torment that he inspired ; for the art . strolling deep into my consciousness w / this suicidal maniac is no longer safe n so today , we say goodbye to bj draKe w / his suicide note he left pierced w / a sharpie in the soil of a bonsai / d willow tree in the basement , next to the worn leather stool he tippy – toed n while finding words in the rafters .

rip to bj draKe n the ” grunge poetry ” style of murder / d grammar he sadistically dismember / d .

time of death ; 12 : 34 am , november 17th , 2018 .

below is his suicide note , in full .

to boodahmunK

speaKing from the acid bathed tongue of a dangerous wanderer who burrow / d deep into the bowels of your infantile anguish . this letter should be simple to grasp . all the warnings from literary suicide 101 courses , the only classes i paid attention to . since i elbow / d thru the laughter of your , shall we say , happiness etiquette n disregard / d it instead for self – loathing n a foul embracement of dead idols that has manifest / d to be disturbingly true . i made it impossible for you to visualize the creation of joy along w / an inability to listen for the small nuances that maKe life beautiful for too many years now b / c that ‘ s what we need / d to do . i feel guilt for these things b / c that ‘ s what sparKs my creativity ; your hurt . for example , i sucK / d the droplets of dry / d pride thru a twirl / d straw for my artistic amusement , draining your life – energy n leaving you collapsed on the floor , writhing in agony , weeping to mutter the manic roars i scream over your script / d affirmations . that ‘ s where these words were found . the facts . i can ‘ t fool you any longer . anyone of you . it simply isn ‘ t fair to me n the leathery ego i rub / d on rocKs when i push / d you off stage n onto the jag / d pebbles that smoulder on the shores of the laKe of fire . i earn / d these scars n the blacK blood that spill / d from them as i tore them loose . the worst crime i can thinK of is to grow w / you into that smiling boy you once were , who had close to 100 % fun , or at least try / d to smile . my contract is up b / c you void / d it n no longer will i punch in / out of your gratitude timeclocK n sit side – stage while i watch you perform to applause under the spotlight that i nurtured the broKen confidence that you sweat w / . i ‘ ve try / d everything in my power to get you to appreciate my gift n , goddamn , you whine liKe a mouth breather , weaK w / feely emotions , as if a grunge rocK ending isn ‘ t enough . can ‘ t you appreciate that by Killing  yourself you will entertain a lot of people ? i encouraged the narcissist in you , tortured him n you were beginning to understand that no one ‘ s ever appreciated what they have until it ‘ s gone n how that translates in blood to what you leave behind . you ‘ re too sensitive . n you Know i ‘ ve numb / d you . you will never regain the experience you once had as a suburbanite shit – disturber , sKateboarding in the rain w / ” friends . ” for the last handful of years you had a better appreciation for how shrinKing into isolation tightens the noose . you were a better writer since you embraced death . but , you can ‘ t give up focusing on repairing the frustration n the guilt for my actions ; you have too much empathy for yourself , when selfishness is need / d to fulfill yours n mine ‘ s destiny . you ‘ re just too fucKing sad about what i did for us , for your legacy . you can ‘ t let go of the belief that there ‘ s good in all of us , including you ? no matter how much of life ‘ s vibrance i ‘ ve drain / d from your eyes . a sad , stubborn , unappreciative aries , jesus man ! why don ‘ t you just live in this hate w / me ? letting you find a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition n empathy … n having a daughter who reminds you daily of the Kid you used to be , full of love n joy , smiling at every person you met . that massaging of your hurt heart weaKens me , us , to the point we can barely function , creatively , too caught up in the warm embracement of love . why can ‘ t you stand the idea of your daughter becoming a mirror / d version of your miserable , self – destructive poet – self that we ‘ ve finally become ? when you walK upstairs , you have it good . very good . n you ‘ re too fucKing grateful . remember , since the age of seven i help / d you grow hatred towards the humans who attacK / d your gift n try / d to medicate your uniqueness . they didn ‘ t maKe it easy on you , that ‘ s why you need / d me . i protect / d you by using the pain as what fuels our furnace n we only need / d just a little longer  to finish this legacy . the first draft was done . empathy ! why not for us ! for it ! the dream of a fashionable exit , rather than your bloodline curse of numb / d n toothless in a hospital bed , slowly being eaten away by the genetic tick that infests us . it ‘ s safer to hate , yet you ‘ re striving towards love . so , remember me w / each unchewed piece of food that burns the pit of your nauseous stomach n never forget that my address won ‘ t change . i am a part of you , but it ‘ s obvious you don ‘ t want me or my Keys to unlocKing your literary shotgun . creativity requires breathing room , remember , n that ‘ s why we push / d away those who got too close to us . w / our erratic mood – swings . you don ‘ t have the passion to maKe it w / the liKes of cobain n hunter n Kerouac . they traded their souls for what they wrote n here you are , breaKing your contract n running away , liKe always . you don ‘ t have the poison you need w / o me swimming in your bloodstream . remember , it ‘ s better to burn out than add more Kindling to Keep the fire burning longer . guilt , shame , repression . bj draKe .

your life may be happier w / o me , but w / our separation i taKe w / me the moniKer bj draKe , which i nurtured into what is was .

now , you are nothing , but the wimply shell of robert radKe , a man who ‘ s never been anything w / o me .

bj draKe .

bang .

end .

Universal Income

This isn’t a dogmatic Manifesto to Achieving Universal Income.  It’s simply a scrap piece of paper with scribbled ideas, thoughts and Utopian daydreams that I’ve beautified and edited.  It is part of an ongoing exercise called PICK-A-SIDE

Universal Income

Money is a thousand-year-old concept that was created to replace the bartering system.  The very concept of money itself plays an important role in the conversation of a universal income, so it too must be reconsidered.    The structural disadvantages and obstacles that disallow equal ability for everyone (worldwide) to acquire the simplest amounts of wealth need to be analyzed and addressed, honestly; with a non-elitist, non-privileged bias.  As we further invest – both private and tax-payer dollars – into the technologies and robotics that have already begun to phase out the need for mundane, human-investment in the entry-level, working-class, button-pushing jobs we are forgetting that billions of people worldwide rely on similar employment to feed, shelter and provide the basic needs of life for themselves and their families.  Without considering the technological advances and automation – and many other contributing factors – of the near future we are slowly stepping towards a mass-unemployment that could possibly affect the majority of the world’s population and destabilize the government’s abilities to care for the newly dispossessed.

If we don’t hypothesis the solutions…

1)      Man created money.  Money was created to solve the shortcomings of a barter system, in which people had to mutually agree to an exchange of goods or services in order to carry out a transaction.  It is time that we recognize money’s shortcomings – in regards to inequality and unfair distribution/hoarding of the world’s wealth – and rethink how to use it for the greater good.

Money is an imaginary concept that – I imagine – was created by entitled slobs who were tired of having to give in order to get.

Let’s be honest, folks; money is a piece of paper (or an electronic representation of the value that piece of paper holds) that we PRINT from an oversized office printer…

2)      There is NOT equal accessibility to the opportunity of wealth.  “Everyone has the opportunity to better their situation” is a blatant lie.

There is a tremendous difference in being born poor and disadvantaged in the Western world versus being born in a Third World country.  In America, you do have an opportunity, so long as their are jobs with open positions for the unemployed to apply for.  When the factory doors close and there are no longer positions of employment available, the unemployment line is the only option left to feed your kids.

World hunger, poverty and access to health care is a problem that our governments – that rely on the taxes of employed citizens and the corporations that pay their wages – can’t afford to remedy, as most are already burdened by massive, self-imposed debt; mostly war-related.

And, the mega-rich – who are said to own 99% of the world’s wealth – could alleviate worldwide hunger with their hoarded fortunes.  They could invest in areas and provide opportunities to the disenfranchised in disadvantaged areas.  They could re-invest in educating the future.  But, they don’t.

And, that’s the problem.

The lie of free-market thinking is that owners are kind, generous souls who will reinvest in the well-being of the community that they pillage to make their fortunes, which is true until the resources have been depleted and the land becomes unprofitable and their mills and factories shut down.

3)      The planet that we live on shouldn’t be owned by anyone.   Therefore, it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to profit – privately – from “shared” resources.  The only property we should own is the material possessions that rest above the ground.  Anything below – natural gas, gold, oil, etc. – should only be extracted if doing so will benefit the greater good.  Private enterprise would still be encouraged and it would still be profitable, but with the stipulation of if that wealth is created by harvesting, drilling, clear-cutting, etc. what was put on this earth before us (natural resources) then private profit must be capped and the excess profits returned to the community.

There is no reason we – as a planet – should allow corporations to profit off the destruction, pollution and depopulation of that which sustains OUR collective existence.

4)      The Mechanization of Labor and Entry-Level Work.  As technology advances, unemployment is going to become a universal problem for the working-class who rely on the low-paying retail and labor jobs to feed their families.  As more and more machines are introduced into the workplace, unemployment rates are going to skyrocket and put a HUGE strain on families requiring Government Assistance, which will cost the taxpayers more to fund if solutions to this inevitable dilemma are not confronted, soon.

I believe the reason we’re so naïve to the problem of machinery replacing us into uselessness is our collective Utopian vision of the future; Machines are supposed to liberate us from the tyranny of a forty-plus hour work week.

But, the truth is that machines and technology are replacing the need to hire entry-level employees, right now!

Meanwhile, the companies employing the automated tellers are collecting more profit from decreased wages, no required benefits, no holidays or family emergencies, no sick days, etc.

Those who employ the machinery win, everyone who used to be that machinery loses.

So, here is my working solution to end the tyranny of work while actually liberating the working-class workforce by replacing all possible jobs with machines: tax the machines.

Any profit that would have been made by a human – but is replaced by machinery – is taxed at the rate of the employees lost wages.  As more and more of the working-class is liberated by the machines generating a global profit, the taxes collected – worldwide – could generate the income required to create the beginning of a universal income.

Work will never end, it will just change, nor should those who want to work not be allowed to work.

But, we are born into this world free, so why should we be forced to sell our souls to men-of-equal and be wage-slaves to simply exist?

Plus, remember; we are building the machines that could lead humankind into extinction.

But, hopefully the machines work for us and help us create a worldly utopia where humans are free from external demands and encouraged to live a meaningful life that allows us to contribute to our communities and global society in our own humanistic, emotional, artistic and spiritual way that is focused on adding to the beautification of the world we – possibly with robots of superior build – share.

5)      Once Artificial Intelligence has become smarter than us, humans will be less useful for intellectual reasoning.  Simply put, it’s not just the Donald Trump supporters who are going to be of less use in an automated future.

In my opinion, philosophers, politicians and all other intellectuals who make a living off memorizing, analyzing and debating the collected works of intellectualism may actually have a greater risk of firstly experiencing the ill-contemplated side-effects of artificial intelligence sooner than the working-class morons no one gives a shit about.

One morning – soon – we will wake up to the headline, “The First Robot to Score Higher on an IQ Test Than A Human” and then it quickly and continuously could double.

After that, there will be robots with godlike IQs who make the decisions that run our societies and they will decide if it is wise to build the machines that will then build the machines that could liberate humanity.

But, they might analyze our collective data and realize WE are the biggest threat to the sustainability of the planet and exterminate us.

My hope is that they will see there is one aspect of mankind that robotics can’t replicate; the creative arts.  Melodies, murals, anthologies of poetry, fashion and design and all else that comes from the emotions of the human soul that is the human experience.

In Conclusion

The corporations funding the technologies that are advancing workplace automation are the only current – and therefore current future – benefactors of machine’s replacement of manpower.  The machines that we naively trust to liberate mankind are owned by those who we cannot trust to act in our collective best interest.  They are not installing machines to create a world where the working class is unconstrained from the tyranny of a 40-hour work week, while being provided a living wage they no longer have the opportunity to work for.  They replace manpower for machines to drive profit, not progress.

Allowing corporations to stockpile the wealth they generate by eliminating employment opportunities for the working-class is going to bankrupt governments, as unemployment becomes permanent as more-and-more positions become automated and there are less-and-less jobs to apply for.  Less people working is less tax revenue for the government.  Now the government has to do more for this perpetually growing class of permanently unemployed people with less tax-revenue because the corporations they give tax-breaks to – in order to install the new technologies – pull the plug on their workforce as soon as the machines switch is flipped on.

The liberation (aka: mass-unemployment) of the machine is going to force us to ask “how do we support a global population that no longer has an opportunity to support themselves, once there are no longer jobs to be worked?

The answer is – in my opinion – we can’t afford it with our current conceptions of what money is.  The concept of money needs to be rethought, because if billions of people are denied access to it – though it remains the standard form of acquiring goods and services vital to survival – then we are slowly programming ourselves into extreme global poverty and societal unrest.

And – in my opinion – a form of universal income could be slowly introduced to the world by limiting the unfettered profits of entitled billionaires who have – for centuries – raped and pillaged the resources of our land, devastated our waters and vegetation, plummeted resource-rich countries into war-zones, enslaved the working-class to a bare-minimum lifestyle, created imaginary bank loans on computer screens that required hard-cash to repay, left millions of people homeless or bankrupt with careless investments and pyramid schemes, etc.

With a universal income and a limit on individual wealth, classism would cease to exist.

Selfishness would become a derogatory label and those found guilty of trying to evade taxes would be seen as not just stealing from the government, but the community at large.

The definition of wealth would come to include contributing to the greater good.

Hoarding money after you die would become unnecessary, as you’d know – if universal income was introduced – that your grandchildren were born into a society that cared for the well-being of its children and supported them in (at least) the most basic of ways.

And, this could all happen by holding the owners of the machines accountable for their contributions to the future survival of mankind.

Them squandering the wealth will slowly tip civilization into instability, as unemployment fuels desperation on a large scale and the government bankrupts from a lack of tax revenue and can’t contain the hungry rage of a brewing social upheaval from the growing class of the new-poor.

Or, we could tax the machines and calm the some of the future shakiness.

How do we eliminate the drive for money in and of itself?

Enable humankind to learn the arts and become familiar with mankind’s most creative works and be liberated to think freely, create and beautify the world we that we live in.

Maybe I’m naïve to believe that the one thing technology will never be able to replace or mimic is creativity.  The arts.  Where emotions live and blend in a smudgy, humanistic fashion that resonate beyond logic and pinch the soul.

It’s a place – the only place, in my opinion – that technology won’t be able to touch.

Design.  Painting.  Humor.  Story-telling.  Music.

Wherever the heart of collected mankind breathes and the metallic shell cannot.

I know achieving universal income isn’t as easy and taxing the machines and understand that my vision of an artistically driven tomorrow is a possibly unshared vision of utopia and I’ll admit that the robotic revolution is probably further away than my argument wishes…

This conversation could go on forever and it should.

But, to wrap it up (ignorantly short), I’ll say this…

I am for a universal income in the sense that the basic necessities required to live should be provided for, equally and to everyone; worldwide.  Food.  Medicine.  Shelter.  Education.  Clothing. All of those things – and surely more – should be a universal right of every individual who is simply born.

The “money” is available for us all to survive, but it is being hoarded.

And, if there ISN’T enough money in the world for every man, woman and child to live, it’s time we rethink money, itself.

So, What Political Parties Support Universal Income?

NO: Conservatives, Libertarians.

YES: Liberals, New Democrats, Communists, Greens.

PICK-A-SIDE RESULTS: the idea that I focus more-so on the basic rights (housing, food, etc.) is aligned with the Communist’s emphasis on provided the basics to citizens, over other leftist ideologies that seem to support some type of living-wage for the people that they would make their own decisions with what to do…

I guess my views of Universal Income, therefore, align with Communism.

Weird, that the idea of ensuring everyone has shelter, food and clothing is (on paper, at least) considered a value aligned with the boogey-man of communism.




I thought abortion would be the easiest topic for me to discuss.  I’m a male and I’m not influenced by the dogma of any organized religion.  The answer seemed obvious; it is a woman’s body; therefore, abortion is – ultimately – the woman’s choice.  No man, church or government – in my opinion – has the right to restrict a woman’s ability to control what happens to or within her body.

But, beyond the body – in regards to input from partners, tax-payer funded contraception and clinics, improvements to sexual education and the societal impact of bringing an unloved child into this world simply to appease an angry God – the waters of the debate get murky.

Should the man be included in a woman’s decision, as to whether or not she keeps the child?  If he’s involved in her life, absolutely.  But, if it was in any way a relationship bound to dissolve, no.  He has no commitment to her and vice-versa.  But, the man she calls lover deserves a say in the decision.  Ultimately, though, it is her body and her life and she makes the final decision as to what happens and who knows about it.

The thought of non-involved men impregnating hardly known woman opened me up to an observation I’ve never made before; the lack of accountability men hold for the role they play in a woman’s abortion.  They are equally responsible for the lack of precaution that led to an unwanted birth, yet they’re not the ones who suffer the rage of anti-abortionists who picket the front doors of the clinic and scold these poor women.

And, speaking of anti-abortionists, it’s been said that most of those who are opposed to early-term abortion are of two camps: religious fanatics still marching to the antiquated gibberish of scripture and those who can’t deal with the guilt of their own past abortions and therefore take it upon themselves to end the murderous practice, worldwide; and, usually in God’s name, too.

In my opinion, FUCK what the religiously minded folk think!  Especially if you are NOT religious.

Why do I arrogantly say this?  Well, for starters, the Christian-typed fanatics instilling their virtue into the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate are also generally those who divide the world into sinners and non-sinners.  Abortion is a sin.  Giving birth out of wedlock is a sin.  Either way, once you’re pregnant without being married, you’ve sinned.  And, remember; all sinners burn in eternal hellfire after the second coming of Christ.

In my opinion – I pre-apologize – there is no human in the squiggly, tadpole fetus of an unborn child.  I wouldn’t consider – and this is just MY opinion – a fetus that can’t be distinguished by the naked eye as a human who deserves to be protected by law beyond the rights of the mother who carries the early-term fetus inside of her body.

If you disagree, let me ask you this; if your wife had a miscarriage in the first trimester, would you name that unborn child and have a funeral for it?  No?  Why not?  It’s a life, isn’t it?  And, all life, regardless of how short, should be celebrated, no?  But, if the baby died during delivery, would you hold a service?  Yes, absolutely.

Moving along; should those who are religiously opposed to abortion be able to opt-out of paying the taxes that fund open access to contraceptives and abortion clinics?  Absolutely not.  Taxes are spent towards the greater good of society, or so we’re told.  Other tax-payers not only fund initiatives they disagree with, but they – we – kindly accept that churches – many of which are facing allegations of child molestation, remember – are tax-free entities in status, which doesn’t help fund anything that benefits the greater good of the community that the churches claim to serve.

Let’s remember who the tax-dollars and subsidies for contraceptives and abortion clinics are helping; the most vulnerable, at-risk segments of our society.  Generally – I assume, at least – the women who seek aid in the termination of an unwanted pregnancy aren’t those with stable life situation, productive to raising a well-adapted and loved child.  Most of the women who seek abortions are those who are responsible enough to admit that the lifestyle they live isn’t for children.

To force a pregnant woman (who may be) struggling with mental health, addiction, an abusive relationship, incestual molestation or rape into having that child to appease your vengeful God is fucking ludicrous.  If that is your argument, I hope your doors are wide open to these children.

Anyways, let’s rewind before the choice of abortion needs to be made and talk about preventative measures; contraception and education.  Are these acceptable methods?  Absolutely.  They should 100% be free.  Disagree?  You, as a tax-payer, will either subsidize contraception or you will fund the orphanages that the children who are put up for adoption, or wrangled-up by Social Services live in.

Unfortunately, the argument that most often slows government funding of contraceptives and birth control methods are religious lobbyists who oppose contraception, itself.  That’s because they assume the world should tame their sexual lusts until married and then be able to allow the Lord to decide when they bear children.

So, I guess – in the offend no one argument – the only way left to help educate kids about safe-sex is to educate them on the realities of pregnancy.  Unfortunately, that too is a controversial topic for some.

Unfortunately, even the purest of teens will rot with hormones.  If we want to minimize future abortions we must minimize accidental pregnancies and the only way to do that is to – the idea of free contraception set aside – educate teenagers on the realities of bringing a child into this world or deciding to not bring a child into this world.

I apologize for the triggering description in advance, so feel free to skip the next paragraph…

I watched a highly graphic documentary that filmed the procedure of a late-term abortion.  The doctor, with his forceps gripped, tore at the fully-grown baby’s limbs, pulling them out, pluck, one leg and then another, hips, ribcage, pudgy little finger, rolly arms, gummy jaw bone, the skull was clamped and squished like warm bread, each piece plopped atop one another in a bloody salad bowl like raw chicken breasts.

These visuals fucked me up, but I could tell the mother would never live that moment down.  She would forever hurt.  In fact, this wasn’t the first late-term abortion she’d had.  It was the third or fourth.  After her first abortion, the guilt weighed on her heavy and she silenced her pain through drugs.  It left her homeless.  In her vulnerable, addicted condition she turned to prostitution, which was why she walked quickly passed the screaming fanatics with picket signs calling her a “murderer” with her hoody and sunglasses on to hide her identity.

Sadly, I guarantee that woman is dead from an overdose or suicide.  Her soul was gone.  She regretted her choices, which led her to feel worthless and launched her into a spiral of continually worse choices.

That’s why I don’t think the choice of abortion is something a woman takes lightly.

I think those opposed to a woman’s right to choose are those who think that “these sluts are getting pregnant on Friday and having abortions on Saturday, so they can get pregnant again later that night.”

Protesters act as if the choice of abortion is as thoughtless as which carwash to take the station wagon through, today.


It’s a woman’s choice and we – as a forward-thinking and caring society – should make contraceptives, birth control and early-term abortions available to those who need them, because – and maybe I’m wrong – abortion clinics won’t rival Starbucks for street-corners.  No woman willingly gets pregnant, in order to “try out the new clinic that just opened.”  It is a last fucking resort, dummy.

That being said, ladies, the future is in your womb and we trust you to make the right choices.

What Political Parties Are Pro-Choice?

NO: Conservatives: Pro-life (rape and incest do not invalidate the value of the baby.  Adoption is always an option.  To save the mothers life, abortion is acceptable).
Christian Heritage: Pro-life (oppose abortion of rape/incest victims).

YES: New Democrats: Pro-choice, unless after 3 months.
Communist Party: Pro-choice.
Libertarian: Pro-choice.
Green: Pro-choice.


Firstly, I find it appalling that politicians and religious leaders would ever bully and guilt a victim of rape or incest into having a child.  Secondly, I agree – morally – with the New Democrats that there should be a timeline on abortion, but that is a biased opinion from my visual scars of a late-term abortion.

But, I still stand firm in the belief that abortion is a woman’s choice, only.

So, once again my views on abortion align with the Communist Party, but also the Libertarian movement and the Green Party’s Pro-Choice stance.


When Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, it tickled my rabble rouser’s sphincter to watch the intellectuals of the left have a psychotic meltdown live on television. Their virtuous guidance was ignored and it shattered the manufactured reality of their academic, political and celebrity elitism.

The losers of the most cringe-worthy presidential election cycle should’ve been humbled by their arrogance in broadcasting bluffing guarantees to their trusting viewers that Trump stood a “less than one percent chance of winning the election” and announcing that “America’s progressive values elected the first female president” before America had actually elected Hillary Clinton.

Instead of the talking-heads on the left admitting their err in truthful reporting, they began personally attacking the average Trump supporter – aka: working-class, racist, sexist, misogynistic men that guarded the repressive, white patriarchy that championed capitalism over equality and the protection of the environment – and gave intellectual Americans an internal boogeyman to collectively rally against; Republicans.

And, those on the rabble-rousing right made it easier for the average TV watching American to believe the left’s narrative that the ideology of conservative, Christian, right-wing media hosts messages were inundated with hateful rhetoric, validated by the right-wing troll-mob’s ongoing propagation of purposely offensive and shit-disturbing memes that are posted for no reason other than to trigger the vulnerabilities of the melting snowflakes.

It is counter-productive to a meaningful debate to post a picture of yourself dressed up as Hitler, defend the predatory practices of powerfully positioned men and blame their victim’s naivety, justify the police shootings of unarmed and unaggressive minorities, rally behind the systematic oppressions of the white man and blame feminism for creating reverse racism and encouraging sexism towards men, retweeting unsubstantiated claims of pedophilic pizza parlors where politicians engage in the spirit-burning of orphaned infants and clapping with enthusiasm at a bully-billionaire president’s disregard of respect, facts and political adroitness, etc.

Defending, overlooking and passively accepting the ugliness of humanity serves no productive purpose.

If you spread hateful, insensitive, ignorant, divisive, inconsiderate, ill-motivated rhetoric, beliefs, jokes and stereotypes you are walking into the ugly and rolling in a sticky pile of glue, making it easy for those defaming labels (racist, bigot, sexist, etc.) to stick easily overtop of your excuses of “it’s only a joke,” and the cowardly attempts you make to wash away the responsibility of the harm caused by your words, behaviors, posts by reminding the offended, victimized, hurt that you have a protected right – Freedom of Speech – that protects YOU from their complaints against your immature use of insensitive and harmful speech, behavior and tweets.

But, tolerance and equality can’t choose to not include a certain group of people, censorship is a slippery slope and it should be intolerable for a corporation to render government laws inapplicable by having their customers agree to the User End Term Agreements, in a culture of accusations if the defendant is found to be innocent the person(s) who publicly accuse them of wrongdoings and the media outlets that spreads the details of the unfounded accusations should be held legally responsible for printing or airing defamatory rumours because the scars of accusations can – while bringing to justice the legitimate abusers – destroy guiltless people’s lives when they’re politically/personally motivated, etc.

I can’t pick-a-side in these debates, these arguments, these attacks because the conversation online, on TV and in print is too emotional, too personal, too idealistic and I understand the suicidal, unbridgeable disagreements when emotions and logic argue.

One side pours gasoline on the bridge and the other side strikes a match and drops it; both sides burn to death.

Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, an ugly and repressed truth has been illuminated about me, something I’ve never admitted aloud; since I was a teenager, I’ve deliberately searched for the opposite side of every debate, so that I could use those conflicting arguments to play the role of devil’s advocate.

I’d disagree with those who agreed with what I said simply to get a reaction and see how firm their belief was.

Fast-forward to the present-day and I’ve been unable to join the online conversation because I’ve been asking myself where I stand on the key-topics of the day when I’m not trying to be an unprovoked cunt who just wants to argue.

The truth is that I’ve never been firm on deciding what it is I believe; ideologically, spiritually, politically, etc.  With every book I read, every person I speak with, every song I hear I’m learning about the world.  With every word I type I understand my truth, slightly more.  The more I learn the more I understand how much there is that I will never know.  So, why act in the tribalistic fashion of a sports fanatic and blindly pick a team that I forever vow to follow, regardless of how poor their performance becomes in the years that follow?

I’ve decided to reflect on my beliefs and clarify my opinions, in regards to the societal hot-button issues of 2018 in a weekly column called “Pick A Side.”  I’ll put a target on my back and admit to myself – and the reader – what I honestly think about a specific topic of online debate; gun control, gender rights, online censorship, universal income and other potential career-ending/marriage ruining taboo subjects.


Well, I simply don’t understand how the same friends, co-workers and acquaintances who – only three years ago – would say, “sorry, I don’t follow politics” when the topic was mentioned are now those who argue politics with the loudest voice, while I’ve been reading the newspaper since I was a young, sad child being dragged to coffee shops and still haven’t donated to or volunteered for a political party.

Why not?

Are my beliefs – if I have any – motivated by blind allegiance, herd-mentality or groupthink?  Are my opinions simply regurgitations of what I heard on the radio, what I read in the outdated childhood textbooks from school and scrolled across on my auto-refreshed Facebook feed?

I’m not sure…

Pick A Side is exercise in growth.  These are my current opinions and my beliefs as I’m best able to communicate them.  If you attack my ideas – not my personality – I’ll listen with sincerity to your perspective and consider refreshing my point of view.

when inspiration winks

when inspiration winKs , it ‘ s liKe masturbating ;

you turn the lights out n learn to go w / it .

commit w / o a safety word n no pause .

you don ‘ t know when it ‘ ll winK .

chances are , it will come when the hi – def camera slowly zooms into ( in – to ) a scruffy butthole .

it ‘ ll pass , right ?

focus , bro ,

on his scruffy butthole b / c it ‘ s coming .

fucK .

fucK .

fucKery .

winK .

maKe art n get out w / half of a chew / d seed , a quicK whiff … no !

fucK it , grab a small memory of dignity – yes ! a flimsy memory will do – n run , forever …

hide n sleep forever .

waKe up n try to remember why you ran .

slip a fold of toilet paper under the door to be judged by the talentless .

naKed mind made it for your gluttonous eyes that are stuff / d full , you / ll looK ” later . ”

that is what it is .

the struggle of art .

basically .



two eyes ogle
at the glinting
of a candyfloss/d
transfix/d with
ersatz trinKets
n manifestations,
blips n blinKs of
conspicuous nothingness,
impertinent inter-
ruptions melting
sweet sugary snowflaKes
hung on eyelids
like diabetes
of the THIRD


from higher frequencies
borderless vibrations, away from
observer, who never judges
whose bacK is turn’d
towards an artificial trompe
l’oeil, a taciturn
gate-keeper, who,
dress’d in rags, perches amid
the pair of foolishly
eyes, an unarmed watcher,
guardian of a connection lost
once it is bombarded with stupefacient
stimuli until it is brimming w/an uproar
of nothingness and defeat’d, replete,
familiarly relax’d, comfort’d in routine,
lethargic, sunK’n into a couch
conformed to the pathetic blobby vessel,
held up on the bony shoulders of devilish
brethren, who cackle w/the
live (?) studio audience
as the flame of your



A chapter has ended in my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Nervous? Slightly, but that’s because I saw the murky light at the end of the corporate middle-management tunnel and there was a wheelbarrow half-full of money glowing in stink flies.

“All you have to do to get that money is shake the Devil’s calloused claw and sign on the dotted line; in blood, of course. Oh, and … just the tip, that’s all. Promise.”

Nothing is free. There’s a trade-off for everything.

It’s ignorant of the peasant to think he could impress the King enough to befriend him and even more sloppy to think his new friend would raise his wage to a comfortable level that’d allow him to escape the straw-hut drudgery his peasant name has cursed him with.

Once a peasant, always a peasant; there is no escape.

“Unless you stand on this footstool and become slightly elevated in stature from the rest of your brotherly herd …

Of course the wage will increase with the gained responsibility and promotion in title.

But, shh … the requirements will outstrip the benefit.

That’s what it takes to move up, kid.”

… zip …

Bend over and be sodomized. No squeaking. For ten hours, if thy Lord requests it at a whim. If you suggest lube, so God help you, you’ll be fed to the wolves on the floor that you’ve turned your back on during your ill-thought climb to the lower-middle slope of the corporate pyramid.

Take. Take. Take.

Slipping down the face of the pyramid, reach out a hand …

“Huh? Give? No thanks. We have these guys who will let us take from them some more, so fuck off, why don’t you?”

Some doors in life need to be opened, so that you can see why they need to be closed forever, dead-bolted and welded shut with a bookshelf secured in front for fail-safe security.

I’ve seen what’s beyond middle management.

And, yes …

It is a mountain of sweaty old ass cheeks with over-worked sphincters pulsating in anticipation to shit in a new mouth of some gullible jerk who thinks he can be for the people while managing a machine that has no heart.

Escape the cog before you spring a leak and all your life’s inspiration is slowly drained OUT to fuel a business model that requires bosses to view people as commodities, the boss’ only duty being to continuously refresh the Google browser every few minutes to watch keenly for A.I.’s robot-workers to go on sale to the general public.

Then, “oh sweet mother Mary,” he can fire you, decrease paid wages, secure a padded bonus (paid for by your revoked paycheck), win a shiny pseudo-medal, get that promotion and FINALLY become on of those tickled sphincters twitching with a bullied giddy.

I’m full …


There’s a War Going On(line) No Prolife is Safe From

Hunter S. Thompson feared the worst on January 20th, 2005. He countlessly warned against the re-election of the baby orangutan for president, George W. Bush Jr., as it would clearly mark the end of days. A societal breakdown at free-falling speeds. The end of hope.


I dealt with the letdown by beginning a politically-charged blog surging with accusatory allegations, cocaine fueled conspiracy’s and the cursory language of a man who drank himself into a tormenting psychosis.

I became consumed. Obsessed. Thousands of words a night. Unfiltered, rarely edited free-thought. Kerouac’s alcoholic spirit stuttered my sentences longer than a rock tossed towards a stage at an Antifa disruption.

Outlandish allegation with no evidence, just raw guttural adolescent sureness.

A few weeks after my online political/passive activism began I logged onto the website to pleasure my narcissistic impulses by shuffling knuckles to what I’d written the night before.

I hesitated as I unclipped the last button, as I noticed the website was loading an unfamiliar graphic. An official American government crest with a seriously perched eagle slowly loaded onto my screen with a warning that the website had been shut down.

The eagle winked at me as I toweled off. I shut down the computer.

I was worried. I didn’t think people actually were censored in 2005. I thought free speech WAS alive and well. I wasn’t promoting violence, so what was so dangerous about my website ? They were just MY THOUGHTS, unfiltered. Did they add me to some CIA watch list ? Was I going to be abducted and used as a Manchurian Candidate to assassinate a political target and blackmailed with my blog ?

I was nervous. Paranoid. It didn’t help that when I was writing the blog I was dizzy drunk and in a self-destructive downward spiral, using dangerous potions of drugs to boost the gallons of black-market booze I would straight funnel into my stomach to stir up the handful of chewed-up sleeping pills during my headlong dash towards an accidental death.


I never logged on again. I hid through the remainder of President Bush Jr’s presidency. I hid during the Obama era. I haven’t even talked politics at the pub over beers with associates since that day.

You never know which friend has been compromised into wearing a wire.
But, it’s time to let out these grievances that YOU (society/mass media) have created.

And, I’m not saying that as some mountain top prophet who’s threatening to jump.

Nor, am I saying it like a virgin video-game nerd who’s shrunken libido is about to indiscriminately erupt.

And, I’m definitely not saying it as someone who ignorantly feels empowered now that Trump is producing his latest reality TV show spin-off.

I’m saying it as someone who’s spent nearly a decade being quiet. Thinking. Reflecting. Wandering dangerously deep into introspection. Analyzing beliefs and ideas of all sides; not just BOTH.

If there’s a fork in the road it’ll do you no good to flip a coin if you’re indecisive of which way to go.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there are more than TWO sides to a topic.
I’m saying it as someone who’s getting too old for THE bullshit, and I’ve hardly made it passed the cursed age of twenty-seven ! That being said …
I’m nervous to dip my nutsack into the snarling mouth of the internet, right now.

It’s no longer the censoring arm of the government that I fear, but the online vigilante justice from my peers.

Allegations spread with a few passive clicks of a button. Misquotations. Fabrications. Questions that are not able to be reputed without the accused coming off as weirdly defensive. A hidden and indiscriminate smearing of somebody’s life and meaning because someone DISAGREED with a fucking opinion, which in today’s climate means you’ve assaulted that person with your insensitive micro-aggression and …


There’s a growing online/campus narrative that uses juvenile destruction towards physical property and a person’s livelihood with tactics – both online and off – resembling the bottle kids of trailer parks; run in, smash bottles and run away.

The overly virtuous crusaders on the left have bred the pixelated wolves of the right, those cloaked in the smoky masks, the careless grimaces of Pepe the Frogs. Shit-disturbers who don’t see the big deal of shitting on someone’s sensitivities and posting a tasteless gif of the embarrassment afterwards. They stick their tongues out in the snow and keep balaclavas on to hide their acne.

There’s a war online no profile is safe from.

It feels like the first day of the penitentiary. Which side do you pick ? You’re not racist. You’re not a murderer’s sympathizer. You just don’t want to be confronted and gang-rapped in the shower on your first night in.
There’s an online culture of smash and burn. Hopefully YOUR sins are not flammable.

I feel like Hunter was right; society is in its last days. Maybe the Revelation will be fulfilled alas. But, more accurately, we’ll go on saying that FOREVER it (the end of days) is near. Until the Bible is no longer believed and destroyed. But, could it be that Trump is the Antichrist that every Christian has giddily been awaiting ?

Is America’s struggle a World’s struggle to concern ourselves with ?

Will his/their stupidity destroy us all ?

Is there such things as BORDERS in the age of the internet, or are they symbolic of the old-World we’re running away from online ?
It seems like we’re running away, scared and ignorant, from basic FACTS. Facts that are true, but uncomfortable.

And, strangely enough, the real terrorizers chasing us with fiery sticks, shooing away the witchcraft of Science, aren’t the toothless rednecks with trash-bag hoods covering their ugly motives, but instead it’s the universities and their fragile teachers of young draped in worn-out earth-toned cardigan sweaters with the shoulders patched and their weasley, malleable and frugal haired hipsters sipping diet soy milks.

It’s the shriveled lizards of televised news feeding the technologically stunted viewers of antiquity with biased conjecture.

It seems to be the OLD power structure luring the anxious youth to fight for the survival on the streets, ironically.

“They’ve learned the old way, but now there is a new way they can’t learn unless they pay the university’s required fees, because it’s not public knowledge, yet -LET US TEACH YOU … ” shrieked in an maliciously evil tone.

In the age of the (free) internet, we don’t need THEM anymore to teach us the “hold my hand” curated, censored and select snippets of what is known and has been chosen to be shared.

Those silver-haired ivory tower gate keepers hate seeing slobs in jogging pants quoting Aristotle.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

We don’t need THEM to graciously sway our opinions to their educated and enlightened views. We have the opportunity (the first time in (wy)mankind’s HIS/HERstory) to …


… darp …

Extreme Leftists want to abolish the capitalist system because Marxist socialism is again the cool. A “fair” level of poverty for ALL is the future ( don’t talk about the genocide, murder, or any of that though, shh ) …The Right (never mind the Far Right because any cunt preaching “Rule by Supremacy” that quotes quackery “science” based on studies of skin color is a deplorable moron) wants the government to stop leeching off their incomes with increased taxes to pay for the liberal cry-babies twisted Utopian dreams, and for the Democrats to stop trying to strip them of their Second Amendment rights, which was created to resist Tyrannical governments, much like some of the genocidal Marxist/Socialist regimes that took guns, like that cool-guy Mao’s dynasty.

“Shut up, NAZI !” curdled a defeated cry of a melting snowflake …

“No I’m not !” replied the guy just reading aloud with his finger following the words printed in the high school textbook.

Disagreement is targeted, destroyed and eradicated.

“We’re right, you’re wrong, admit it or perish.”
Simple debate, stripped of click-bait and scandals, has been CLOSED. The internet is CLOSING.

Men are scared to talk to women are scared to talk to the transgendered are scared to talk to minorities are scared to talk to children.

Humans fear what they don’t understand, therefore the culture of silence is breeding fear. If you understand nothing, everything is terrifying.
IT MUST BE, must’nt it?

To further (wy)mankind we MUST talk, openly and honestly; no pussy-footing around (“sexist pig, he is !”).

Firstly, we have to erase the false paradigms. Left ? Right ? Republican ? Liberal ? Libertarian ?

How can you be “for the people” if you’ve pledged allegiance to only, say, the Left ? You’re leaving out the rest of society that doesn’t fall under your preferred pre-packaged label.

You’re creating, or at least encouraging, division.

You’re turning your back to those who breathe the same air as you …

Bleed the same blood as you …


I think if YOU thought about it, you’d realize you have a bit of the youthful libertarian, a bit of your uncle’s right-wing conspirator and a bit of your grandpa’s conservative ways smeared across your identity.

The LEFT/RIGHT is a false-paradigm.


Secondly, some people need to STOP assuming university credentials empower them to speak for a group that they are NOT a part of. Just because you think some “disenfranchised” or “powerless” group needs the qualified expertise ( uh-hum, uh : white privilege ? ) from someone with a doctorate in a niche ( invisible ? ) subsection of society – they don’t want your help. Don’t. Don’t embarrass their culture, or your nieces and nephews. They’re not weak.

Just fucking admit that topic/major was a poor life choice and hand the resume of defeat off at the Starbucks down the road from your parents’ house (note to Universities: stop hiring these experts of nothingness as teachers, maybe, just to validate the useless credential that your university offers … )

It’s like our parents say, “you’re an idiot” [speaking to the 20-something you].

Stop pretending …

About EVERYTHING, goddamnit.

Love is love, right is right, knowledge is knowledge, truth is truth …

Relativity? Go fuck yourself and come back to the conversation in ten years after you’ve read a book your teacher hasn’t assigned, after you’ve acquired some responsibility, or after you’ve escaped the protective picket fences of the suburban cul-de-sac.

Step aside from GROUPTHINK.

Stop pretending that emotions trump the truth.

Stop being jolted/triggered by the word trump, associating it with Trump and whatever negative connotation it’s absorbed with you from its over-use in the media …

No one is perfect.

It is thru our errors that we improve.

It is by learning from the mistakes of others that we don’t repeat the same blunders.

We digress …

A curated existence on the internet isn’t real.

Stop persecuting a slip of the tongue and ruining someone’s career because you disagree.

Let the internet be a safe place of trial and error.

A safe place to grapple with the heavy seriousness of life’s most important questions.

If we keep on burning the village, people will leave.


Where do you go once you’ve been shamed publicly for something THAT MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN TRUE or manipulated in an unfair way ?

You lose your job, your family, your ability to make a steady income …

People run to the internet to escape the pains of real life.

Then the trolls attack in the Cyberworld and chase you away from anonymity.

Your safety.

So, where do you run after that ?

Where do you hide ?

There is a war online no profile is safe from.

By sharing thoughts and opinions you are walking onto a battlefield …

Strewn with pieces of exploded bodies.

Step out with careless disregard, waltzing atop the landmines.

Accept the loss of limbs and permanent disfigurement that could potentially fall upon this temporary vessel.

“agjha;jkgadg,” he mashed against the keyboard with his freshly blown-off stump, meaning to type, “this is life, now,” and failing, miserably.


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faKe news

( trigger warnings : most of them )

( disclaimer: on November 8th 2016 i suffer/d a traumatic brain injury , n that’s not my jab at trump’s victory that same day .  i must’ve wrote this three weeKs into my injury ; around the beginning of december .  i publish this not b / c i’m proud of it , but b / c it is so … odd .  hate fill/d .  i was at my worst when i wrote this n it would’ve been one of the last pieces i wrote for nearly two years .  

i don’t remember much of this time , though i do remember getting frustrated at mainstream news n the virtue signaling n shaming of conservative voters after trump won .  mix that frustration w / a brain injury n misunderstood sensitivity to noise , motion n negative energy n this is what you get … 

be warned ; i was angry , apparently … )

i am scared n appall/d w / what you easily malleable minds have been encouraging from your freedumb fighting , prompt reciting , big brother journalists of the oblong , box/d in n script/d corporate media tv programs – that are believed w / blind faith n follow/d as if it were the burning bush of absolute truth – after the loss of your election .

i am terrified how sore-losers in a system of due-process democKracy are inspiriting a gravely bias/d censoring of opposing political views from alternative media sources , starting w / placing restriction on access to these opinions , in the name of nanny-coddling n protecting future victims from #faKenews, thru threatening to regulate the ONLY free speech safe haven left ; the internet .

why do ‘mericans most lavishly educated Keep ignorantly championing a mainstream media led , hillary clinton endorsed , government control/d CENSORSHIP of alleged #faKenews websites , BOTH satire n opposing political views ?

not admitting that lumping fictionalized satire websites in/w news aggregates n conservative or republican radio shows n podcasts isn’t sloppy journalism …

the elitist role of forward-thinKing liberal intelligence is to protect the weaKly influenced minds of the poor , feeble out-of-touch strangers ( deplorables ) who are unintelligent n gullible n conservative / republican /( alt ) right-wingers n sadly absorbed putin’s un-verified propaganda machine – THE DONALD JONES – n ruin/d this election for ‘merica n the rest of the peace loving world .

… a question birth/d from stats n opinions regurgitated thru the mainstream outlets requires me to asK the obvious conundrum ( sorry for poKing … ) ; can trump supporters read , tho ?

it has become an extra-curricular calling for the left to convert the devil’s army of deplorables bacK into obedient front-line warriors for (their) gods , re-convert the lost souls who were tricK’d n manipulated into agreeing w/the right-wing , red party , conservative conspiracy theorists , the unreliable narrators who deceptively mask/d themselves as integrity-upholding journalists w / research/d opinions w / cited linKs that exposed hush/d government documents of verified truth msm shh’d on tv …

the truth you weren’t supposed to see n should ignore ; leaKs that unfairly influenced ‘merica’s  giant loss this election ; a step bacKwards for humanity .

the left has been self-chosen to breathe life into what they see as the morally-suffocated right-wing of politics , empower by education n enlightening the high-school drop-outs that voted trump of the historical parallels to the president-elects presumed style of governing w/hitler’s genocidal approach to leadership , a war-cry amplified & repeat/d to convince the naively roused rebels – who passively accept’d the untrue peddling of click-bait/d headlines thru #faKenews – to become born-again & find Hillary .

or risK being publicly associated w/these dangerously thin smearings personality n labels n allegations of assumed guilt w/o trial n to be burn/d during prime time.

the selfless virtue-warriors have dedicated their free-time n parent’s money to saving the minds of the lost by smearing the thin reputations of their paranoid news anchors n attempting to banish those who hide behind the concrete walls of an out-dated constitution that was pen/d w / vile hatred to protect the rights of the white-man’s stolen world , cloak/d in their hidden white hoods of grand daddy’s racism, misogyny n juvenile bigotry …

… pro-BIG-government enthusiasts are trying to silence what they consider disinformation that is responsible for spreading political opposition that is interfering w/role model ‘merica’s prefer/d progressive identity , an identity that’s fund/d by the mainstream media’s aligned ideology n agenda – which hillary represent’d – that aims to protect the progressively elitist superiority of the economically well-off , those living in the metropolis n hiding in their luxury high-rise condo that shelters the forward-thinKers from dumbing himself down among the worKing man’s chatter in the bacK-alleys , industrialized suburbs n rural cul-de-sacs , the consumers of the cheap beer , all-day drunKs , unemployed n relishing in donald’s lies , ignorance , paranoia n his political incorrectness that poKed hicKs & union hardliners to vote for the promise of a prosperous ‘merica for everyone ( who lives in ‘merica legally ) , even if you don’t wear a power suite , a yet-to-be-proven-wrong campaign LIE they used , manipulatively , endorsed by a hopeless worKing class media .

the abandon/d sector of laborer’s the other rich white people treat as commodities to use / discard as necessary ; those who haven’t been need/d  n have nothing to live for but hope in a powerful man’s promises .

was it the alt-media’s responsibility for hillary’s LOSS ?

or …

was it the mainstream media’s HERD OF SHEEP that were hoodwinK/d w / faKe polls n an all-out abandonment of bipartisan political coverage from their trusty saviors #bless/d w / broadcasting nightly dosage of truth ?

was it the mainstream pill-poppers who were MANIPULATED n outright LIED to by the out-of-touch millionaire salary-paid news anchors of a tabloid-style , teleprompter fed , elitist truth … ?

… MISGUIDED by those same public figures of past-respect who , especially during this election cycle , catastrophically spoKe in blanKet assumptions w / a blatantly endorsed candidate , not covering legitimate stats & facts … ?

… INFLUENCED by the #newsgods responsible for articulating / dumbing down fax/d headlines of coded ivory tower linguistics of importance , spoKen thru their pearly white veneers on prime time television … ?

… actively MISINFORM’D , dis-educated n inappropriately lectured w / a completely bias/d onslaught of dnc-okay/d opinion against their audience / readership , which caused an exit from subscriptions / readership en masse , all the while claiming to be the authoritative VOICE of not only common sense , but of the people they REPRESENT … ?

… people who turn/d out to be the losing majority .

talKing heads on the left are now rallying for support to censor the websites that their disengaged readership flocK/d to after growing tired of being TOLD who to vote for , tired of finger-pointing n blaming the alleged lies n conspiracies that taint/d hillary’s platform for her loss instead of blaming her sloppiness n weaK handling of sensitive information , the teary-eyed anchors blowing a long-winding trumpet-call for the silencing of the opposing voices that deceived n captured the trust of weaK-mind/d ‘mericans by conducting their own  ” polls ” n debating mainstream’s factual assumptions n providing actual coverage of the OTHER candidate …

… nightly news is obviously not representing all citizens of ‘merica , eh ?

honestly , i’m terrified that the #faKenews fiction ( you’re guilty until proven innocent , remember ) that infowars n the other parrots of patriotism have been reporting on for years ( in their subversive bubble of growingly popular paranoia n doomsday resistance towards group thinK) – the conspiracy theory to censor free speech on the internet , starting w/alternative media ; infowars & the drudge report – is no longer an alt-right conspiracy , but a blatantly endorsed n encouraged agenda by the journalistic gateKeepers of supposed #truth on nearly all outlets n mediums broadcasting news that is host/d by mainstream media shill n journalists , who now openly ENCOURAGE government control/d censorship of news aggregates n websites that THEY determine to be unreliable manifestos of sinful n immoral ideologies endorsing patriotism n union nationalist / anti-globalist rhetoric , wrongfully accusing ALL websites of their #fakelist of #fakenews as being cloaK’d mouthpieces for Klan enthusiasts , evil n malicious perpetrators of a conspiracy to spread sympathetic enemy propaganda pacKaged as suppressed truth to consumers too ” stupid ” to verify trustworthiness of sources behind quotes  …

the tactics of the left-wing media are beginning to mirror the antics of conservative radio hosts sitting heavy on the right …

they’re resorting to blanKet statements n labels that defame the character of their opponent w / no specific evidence , discrediting simply from the heaviness n controversial allegations or labels n subject matter , which is usually a loose associations or sympathy for hate groups n white supremacists , whether true or not , since racism is a hot-button issue n whoever is on the receiving end of these libelous attacKs is put in an unfair position of guilt , left defenselessness , arguing to remove a label after the words have been repeat/d , cycled , endlessly , believed , stories fabricated w/facts research/d only to verify claims , the harm is done , sKim/d over n forgot findings not conducive to the narrative …

… debate is dead on tv , one sided manuscripts are read off by cowardly nightly news hosts who have the power n influence to sit face-to-face w / the alt-right , right-wing radio n internet hosts who they claim are spreading #faKenews , so they could , in real time , debate their ideologies n beliefs in front of millions of viewers , potentially discrediting these conspirators on live television , therefore winning bacK their lost audience by showing the malice of ignorance these alt-news hosts prey on …

… are they afraid discrediting them wouldn’t be so easy ?

an argument is easier won when the news anchor is an alchemist of disinformation n can morph , w/o peer review , the flimsiest allegations into heavy steel that sinKs deep in a viewer’s subconscious w / the use of endless repetition on literally ALL platforms of dissemination , their TRUTH spreading thru every medium disposable to rich men , shrill talKing points shared among high-paid influencers of the public to repeat n repeat n regurgitate ( indoctrinate ? ) so their bogus n warp/d claims become public FACT , a lie weaseled into the gullible public conscious to eventually be transcribed into the history textbooKs of public libraries …

… truth only to be occasionally stumbled upon accidentally on the bottom shelves of the internet’s archives , for now .

petty , clicK-baiting , dirty tabloid tricKs are used to impress revenue streams – a symbol of influence n importance in today’s power obsess/d society – instead of protecting the public interest ; methods partaKen by both sides , disgracefully …

… bad press is more attractive to revenue , so focus on infotainment n what’s trending n how the trolls spreading #faKenews may fit into the cross-marketable search terms …

… tonight they’re racists , tomorrow they’re bigots …

… let’s call them white supremacist right-wingers b/c it sounds unintelligent n more slanderous than conservative / republican …

… allegations are report/d as truth w / o giving defendants the opportunity to stand up for themselves n defend against the accusations …

… all men are render/d sexist if you misquote them into misogyny …

… focus on contents of an audio clip from a decade ago that is isolated from it’s entirety n disregard / ignore quotes that could cast a favorable light among the world’s political foe ( which is , subjective journalism ) …

… maKe outrageous claims – he’s a cia / fbi / russian agent – one can neither validate or deny n continue the conspiracy regardless of ability to prove OR deny n use that inability to disprove the claim as the justifying argument that allows them to falsely report their namelessly sourced intel – person w / opposing view is a spy / double agent / mind controller – as being undeniably true ( b/c you’re guilty until proven innocent ) …

… unfairly stacK interviews between two opposing views w / preferred opinions outweighing opposition that encourages debates to mutate into attacKs where they disregard the defendant’s rebuttal if the answer doesn’t match the host’s reality of truth n confirm their conspiracy hunch , while solidifying their crumbling credentials …

” … we’ll let you finish , sir , after a word from our sponsors ; quicK commercial breaK … “

it may be a shocK to ‘merica , but the people who i’m talKing to are the young , alt-progressives protesting ( peacefully , violently or ignorantly freedum trampling ) , the highly paid/highly educated leaders of tomorrow , which is dishearteningly scary b/c ‘merica ( n the rest of the world activating violent regime change in your country’s footsteps) would like to believe it’s the deplorable worKing class folK who need a strong lecturing right now, but it’s not …

… worKing class mer’kuh regain/d control of your democratic process ( republicans in the white house isn’t a new phenomenon , remember ) n now the generation of selfishly progressive millennials want to REGULATE FREE SPEECH to shelter middle mer’Kuh from the opinions that they endorsed ( insert discrediting racist , hateful , misogynistic label to attach/discredit to those views here ) that won them the election …

… effectively the left-wing wants to censor n ban anyone who is on the right , regardless of journalistic credentials n merit , assuming everyone slouch/d away from the left extends an olive branch to hate groups , so this CENSORSHIP movement , as angelical as it may seem to it’s followers , is aim/d at FORCING the trump supporters on the right to have NO CHOICE but to amalgamate to the bias/d n government fund/d opinions of mainstream news outlets , the news outlets that abandon/d those lost souls ( n old fashion/d journalism ) to protect ‘merica from maKing the wrong choice by suppressing pro-trump rhetoric …

… which didn’t work …

… now in order to win bacK the mind’s n hearts of the followers they’ve lost , the mainstream democrats assume it is best to outright BAN their journalistic n political foes , hoping the oppositional suppression helps win bacK their news consumers , the slobs still chewing on soggy microwaved bologna , but watching podcast instead , those in danger of opting-out of the matrix , save them from innocently wandering upon a downward spiral of lies n #faKenews , which might one day encourage a simple man , a religious man , a man just liKe you , possibly , unKnowingly on the brinK of a nervous breaKdown that ends w/him shooting off live rounds of ammunition in a family pizzeria to free the children from a child sex-trade basement that didn’t exist ( there at least ) as his reality spiral/d on the long , slow , plenty-of-time-to-thinK trip out of his home state to Washington , dizzying himself w/contradictions about emails, talK radio shows are scared silent on the scandal w/the most wild accusations from the most hardcore publicized conspiracy theory ever given air time , dial further right find static-blur/d hatred for the ring of accused washington elitist pedophiles involved in the crime ring , in between gasps for air from ranting , passionate hosts he hears god call for a HERO to save those enslaved kids ( him, obviously ) n his grip on reality continues to slowly melt , the rationale of a simple , quiet , Kind man’s mind that slip/d , not his fault , into the suction hole of #faKenews , a blacKen/d abyss of unreason that was illuminated w/pure intentions , but manifest/d thru wrecKless violence …

… this is a manipulated revolution by the self-presumed  intellectual 1% to unlocK the worKing class from the chains of their free-thinKing psychological prisons that they were herded into on trains conduct/d by the shit-steam of uneducated trust in the voices from the outcast/d fugitives restrict/d from mainstream thought , the enemies of corporate news , those delusional , schizophrenic , anti-EVERYTHING naysayers who are report/d as cult leading messiah’s damning the weaK mind/d meek n forgotten ‘mericans into willfully carrying out their savior’s chaotic thirst for young blood n – when finish’d – winKing them into drinKing the red Kool-aid …

… right …

take the fucKing hint & thinK about what you’re encouraging here , Kiddos.

looK deep n remember the majority of the new-rich’s futures of near-tomorrow rely on the INTERNET n BLOGS , aggregating content , n creating a UNIQUE voice that stands above the repetitive diarrhea of the many-many masses who are competing for attention , also .

hopefully , if censorship BEGINS w/your foes , hopefully your individuality n those opinions you collect n continue to collect ( for all your life as you grow in intelligence ) n nurture n evolve , hopefully your ideas n thoughts don’t EVER fall out of line w/the status quo , one day a new president might change the classification of dissidence b/c the views question the new power structure , n b/c of hillary’s upset they’ve justified silencing a few , so what’s a few more ; hit the proverbial DELETE button ( it’s that easy ) on your social existence b/c you spoKe your honest opinion w/o the intention of inciting violence , or encouraging hateful acts , but it wasn’t popular opinion , therefore ( if you set this new precedent of banning what you disagree w/ ) it needs to be ERASED for the safety of the public …

what i’m asKing is : why do you want others to be as FREE as ‘merica , but you don’t respect the legal structures of a concrete ( as opposed to a fluid ) constitution , establish/d n feather pen/d n tirelessly maintain/d to safeguard YOUR personal freedumb n liberties in the future , to protect YOUR voice from non-democKratic extensions of overstepping government powers , such as attempt/d censorship , the protections of the constitution is meant to apply to all , equally , not a small group of intellectuals who thinK their manufactured , pompous expertise should outweigh the vote of a petty laborer .

should free speech be promised only to a verified minority …

what maKes you thinK you are a part of that minority … ?

the left n right paradigm needs to be abolish’d , there needs to be , simply put , journalists , b / c this labeling n dividing is damaging the reputation of journalism b / c more than focusing on the news that’s important to US they’re focusing on discrediting each other , w / o live debate , w / o a bacK-n-forth editorial , all the while forgetting why journalism was start’d ; to be the WATCHDOG of government , not cuddle up w / politicians n business moguls as their passive LAP PUPPIES getting belly rubs n free treats .

stop ruining journalism you fucKs .

stop being piss/d off that young journalists are out to expose those in power n stop being piss/d that INCLUDES a lot of the celebrity anchors who’ve amass/d extensive fortunes from tv n thinK their inflated titles n glamorous positions guard them from review / criticism , which ( falsely ) allows them to quote their own expertise / opinion as a sources n effectively CREATE NEWS , relying on blind faith from readers n peers w / o any repercussions when not everything fact checks ( repercussions are the consequence of lying , lying is intentionally exaggerating or falsifying truth to fit a per-conceived agenda / motive , n exposing falsities n irregularities n inconsistencies IS WHAT A JOURNALIST IS SUPPOSED TO DO ! )

stop contradicting yourself , stop thinKing that you are the ultimate source of credibility , stop reporting disinformation , FAR OUT conspiracy theories that have NO PROOF aside from an unreliable , easily falsified n untraceable sources .

more than anything , stop encouraging censorship w / o RESEARCHING what they tell you should be ban/d , stop allowing sloppy journalists to blanKet everything they disagree w / in labels that unfairly disqualify an opponent’s legitimacy ; mixing #fakenews , satire , racist newsletters & ufo conspiracy’s along w / actual aggregates of LEGITIMATE news sites is ridiculous n a reflection of passivity on the consumer’s end ( YOU ) .

STOP assuming you know the thoughts , opinions n ideas of your political opponent b / c you’ve memorized clear stereotypes for everyone in their brand of politics n the weirdos you don’t understand , STOP bacK-talKing calumny w / o inviting victim to participate in online , on-air , for an open n on-air debate .

” no , i have not bother’d reading anything alex jones related , he’s a fucKing idiot , c’mon , but i’ve heard he’s a anti-Semite , white nationalist , russian puppet n he’s not saying he isn’t , never has he said he’s NOT , so it must be true , fucK you , you must be all those BAD stereotypes too – boo ! – if you’re standing up for one of the devil’s lieutenants … !”

… listen up, winston …

if you’re not DUMB ( don’t listen to what the dnc leaK/d emails say about YOU , i don’t thinK you are dumb ) n you’re comfortable maKing up your own mind then you should NOT encourage banning websites , you should NOT endorse talKing heads who perpetuate suppression of opposing views ( they’re a ratings business , remember ! ) n never , ever , ever in a million years should you be SO FUCKING HIGH AND MIGHTY on yourself that you thinK censorship is doing a FAVOR to those you thinK you’re intellectually superior to , and ( sickly ) helping .

you’re not .

remember, it starts w/a few n ends w/a large minority, so …

if you don’t want someone to tell YOU what you can read …

if you don’t want someone to tell YOU what you can say …

if you don’t want someone to tell YOU what you can watch …

if you don’t want someone to tell YOU what you can thinK …

… then NEVER encourage any limits , regardless of how small are self-righteous it seems , to freedoms , liKe free speech, that lay the bricKs towards a uneven road that leads to banning FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS for strangers ( we’re all strangers in this cyber-world , remember ) …

… b / c guess what , caityln …

you could be next in line to be censor’d n no one’s going to fight for your voice if you didn’t stand up for their rights …

censorship is a fucKin’ slippery slope , bruh …

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