“Can there ever be a future without war”? is the first question to ask, in regards to a need for military. The simple answer is no. There is not a near-future without war and terrorism. The reason why I believe this to be true is complex, but includes religious intolerance,Continue Reading

I live in a small town.  I’ve only met one sweet little eight-year old (girl) who is transgendered.  When I saw (her) playing with the other kids, (she) seemed happy and well-adjusted, laughing and giggling and lingering around my daughter, too shy to ask if she’d play with (her).  IfContinue Reading

I feel like life has been drained from me.  Then tiny holes were poked into me.  When I try to slurp that sweet soul-syrupy nectar from the cup of life it siphons out of me.  Gush.  A bit of the itchy juice tingles the toes, but they don’t bend.  Spurt. Continue Reading

in a protract / d wonder i locK / d up my bmx , transfix / d by the whisKer thin spider web cracKs that sprawl / d through the flaKed red paint on the biKe racK , bemused as i recall / d the Keen jaggedness of the gravelContinue Reading