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Pick-A-Side: Abortion

I thought abortion would be the easiest topic for me to discuss.  I’m a male and I’m not influenced by the dogma of any organized religion.  The answer seemed obvious; it is a woman’s body; therefore, abortion is – ultimately – the woman’s choice.  No man, church or government – in my opinion – has the right to restrict a woman’s ability to control what happens to or within her body.

But, beyond the body – in regards to input from partners, tax-payer funded contraception and clinics, improvements to sexual education and the societal impact of bringing an unloved child into this world simply to appease an angry God – the waters of the debate get murky.

Should the man be included in a woman’s decision, as to whether or not she keeps the child?  If he’s involved in her life, absolutely.  But, if it was in any way a relationship bound to dissolve, no.  He has no commitment to her and vice-versa.  But, the man she calls lover deserves a say in the decision.  Ultimately, though, it is her body and her life and she makes the final decision as to what happens and who knows about it.

The thought of non-involved men impregnating hardly known woman opened me up to an observation I’ve never made before; the lack of accountability men hold for the role they play in a woman’s abortion.  They are equally responsible for the lack of precaution that led to an unwanted birth, yet they’re not the ones who suffer the rage of anti-abortionists who picket the front doors of the clinic and scold these poor women.

And, speaking of anti-abortionists, it’s been said that most of those who are opposed to early-term abortion are of two camps: religious fanatics still marching to the antiquated gibberish of scripture and those who can’t deal with the guilt of their own past abortions and therefore take it upon themselves to end the murderous practice, worldwide; and, usually in God’s name, too.

In my opinion, FUCK what the religiously minded folk think!  Especially if you are NOT religious.

Why do I arrogantly say this?  Well, for starters, the Christian-typed fanatics instilling their virtue into the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate are also generally those who divide the world into sinners and non-sinners.  Abortion is a sin.  Giving birth out of wedlock is a sin.  Either way, once you’re pregnant without being married, you’ve sinned.  And, remember; all sinners burn in eternal hellfire after the second coming of Christ.

In my opinion – I pre-apologize – there is no human in the squiggly, tadpole fetus of an unborn child.  I wouldn’t consider – and this is just MY opinion – a fetus that can’t be distinguished by the naked eye as a human who deserves to be protected by law beyond the rights of the mother who carries the early-term fetus inside of her body.

If you disagree, let me ask you this; if your wife had a miscarriage in the first trimester, would you name that unborn child and have a funeral for it?  No?  Why not?  It’s a life, isn’t it?  And, all life, regardless of how short, should be celebrated, no?  But, if the baby died during delivery, would you hold a service?  Yes, absolutely.

Moving along; should those who are religiously opposed to abortion be able to opt-out of paying the taxes that fund open access to contraceptives and abortion clinics?  Absolutely not.  Taxes are spent towards the greater good of society, or so we’re told.  Other tax-payers not only fund initiatives they disagree with, but they – we – kindly accept that churches – many of which are facing allegations of child molestation, remember – are tax-free entities in status, which doesn’t help fund anything that benefits the greater good of the community that the churches claim to serve.

Let’s remember who the tax-dollars and subsidies for contraceptives and abortion clinics are helping; the most vulnerable, at-risk segments of our society.  Generally – I assume, at least – the women who seek aid in the termination of an unwanted pregnancy aren’t those with stable life situation, productive to raising a well-adapted and loved child.  Most of the women who seek abortions are those who are responsible enough to admit that the lifestyle they live isn’t for children.

To force a pregnant woman (who may be) struggling with mental health, addiction, an abusive relationship, incestual molestation or rape into having that child to appease your vengeful God is fucking ludicrous.  If that is your argument, I hope your doors are wide open to these children.

Anyways, let’s rewind before the choice of abortion needs to be made and talk about preventative measures; contraception and education.  Are these acceptable methods?  Absolutely.  They should 100% be free.  Disagree?  You, as a tax-payer, will either subsidize contraception or you will fund the orphanages that the children who are put up for adoption, or wrangled-up by Social Services live in.

Unfortunately, the argument that most often slows government funding of contraceptives and birth control methods are religious lobbyists who oppose contraception, itself.  That’s because they assume the world should tame their sexual lusts until married and then be able to allow the Lord to decide when they bear children.

So, I guess – in the offend no one argument – the only way left to help educate kids about safe-sex is to educate them on the realities of pregnancy.  Unfortunately, that too is a controversial topic for some.

Unfortunately, even the purest of teens will rot with hormones.  If we want to minimize future abortions we must minimize accidental pregnancies and the only way to do that is to – the idea of free contraception set aside – educate teenagers on the realities of bringing a child into this world or deciding to not bring a child into this world.

I apologize for the triggering description in advance, so feel free to skip the next paragraph…

I watched a highly graphic documentary that filmed the procedure of a late-term abortion.  The doctor, with his forceps gripped, tore at the fully-grown baby’s limbs, pulling them out, pluck, one leg and then another, hips, ribcage, pudgy little finger, rolly arms, gummy jaw bone, the skull was clamped and squished like warm bread, each piece plopped atop one another in a bloody salad bowl like raw chicken breasts.

These visuals fucked me up, but I could tell the mother would never live that moment down.  She would forever hurt.  In fact, this wasn’t the first late-term abortion she’d had.  It was the third or fourth.  After her first abortion, the guilt weighed on her heavy and she silenced her pain through drugs.  It left her homeless.  In her vulnerable, addicted condition she turned to prostitution, which was why she walked quickly passed the screaming fanatics with picket signs calling her a “murderer” with her hoody and sunglasses on to hide her identity.

Sadly, I guarantee that woman is dead from an overdose or suicide.  Her soul was gone.  She regretted her choices, which led her to feel worthless and launched her into a spiral of continually worse choices.

That’s why I don’t think the choice of abortion is something a woman takes lightly.

I think those opposed to a woman’s right to choose are those who think that “these sluts are getting pregnant on Friday and having abortions on Saturday, so they can get pregnant again later that night.”

Protesters act as if the choice of abortion is as thoughtless as which carwash to take the station wagon through, today.


It’s a woman’s choice and we – as a forward-thinking and caring society – should make contraceptives, birth control and early-term abortions available to those who need them, because – and maybe I’m wrong – abortion clinics won’t rival Starbucks for street-corners.  No woman willingly gets pregnant, in order to “try out the new clinic that just opened.”  It is a last fucking resort, dummy.

That being said, ladies, the future is in your womb and we trust you to make the right choices.

What Political Parties Are Pro-Choice?

NO: Conservatives: Pro-life (rape and incest do not invalidate the value of the baby.  Adoption is always an option.  To save the mothers life, abortion is acceptable).
Christian Heritage: Pro-life (oppose abortion of rape/incest victims).

YES: New Democrats: Pro-choice, unless after 3 months.
Communist Party: Pro-choice.
Libertarian: Pro-choice.
Green: Pro-choice.


Firstly, I find it appalling that politicians and religious leaders would ever bully and guilt a victim of rape or incest into having a child.  Secondly, I agree – morally – with the New Democrats that there should be a timeline on abortion, but that is a biased opinion from my visual scars of a late-term abortion.

But, I still stand firm in the belief that abortion is a woman’s choice, only.

So, once again my views on abortion align with the Communist Party, but also the Libertarian movement and the Green Party’s Pro-Choice stance.


Do you think access to contraception and abortion clinic should be made easier?  If not, why not?

Join the discussion below.

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