across the bridge
grunge poetry

across the bridge

she had to go bacK to school .
i had plans , too .
I guess she ‘ s not the one
to maKe me a two .

i ‘ m feeling liKe a fool .
i ‘ m drowning in love .
i ‘ m falling in liKe or
D ; all of the above .

i shrug to the clouds .
looK to the ground .
tip my head to the sKy n
lay the shot glass down .

walK across town n
smile at her summer ‘ s dress .
my eyes run away while
her cheeKs stretch .

i ‘ m a geeK when i speaK , none the less ,
i ‘ m s taKe that chance to love you until death .

taKe a deep breath , help the feet progress .
” my name is friend , mind if our feet match step ? ”
a grin is what i get ; i taKe it as success .
i just want to talK , drop your guards , no offense .

she replies ” lets . ”
optimism i can sense .
i ‘ ll taKe the route of humor
n avoid mental fencing .

she asKs questions n i give responses .
she can tell i ‘ m different ; i ‘ m being honest .

it ‘ s a long bridge n we have a long talK .
by the time we finish / d walKing our hands were
locK / d.


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