mush worms in-between the fingers
sunshine funnel/d into the bloodstream
life’s presence felt in the warm pricK
nightmares of a cold sweat spun into contentment
adrenaline salivates w/animalistic pleasantries
n absorbs absolutely the limp/d n forgot/n soul
that isolates from the inquires of strangers
b/c being polite is a gateway drug

scramble the automaton of mill work milieu
w/a platter of powder/d passivity to participate
in the hellish rituals of the punch clocK

purchase the proverbial white paint
for the proverbial white picKet fence
w/a jam/d latch n a seized locK
n no escape from this
suburban cemetery

pills prescribed to eschew the pain of our
bluntly shit/d on dreams left lingering
from our adolescent naivety

the last of the school yard picKs
the unwant/d, the pity/d

delegated into
opt/d out n
for both
giving n