• alphabet-soup
    poetry,  prose

    alphabet soup

    I feel like life has been drained from me.  Then tiny holes were poked into me.  When I try to slurp that sweet soul-syrupy nectar from the cup of life it siphons out…

  • bj draKe is dead

    bj draKe is dead

    …bj draKe is dead . bjdraKe.com is archived , only . the character of bj draKe was meant to walK the surface of my subconscious n pull the rot / d roots of…

  • god loves ugly
    monologues , scripts

    god loves ugly

    god loves ugly A Play About Suicide in One Act by bj draKe Copyright 2018, by bj draKe publishing. bjdrakewriting@outlook.com admin@bjdrake.com www.bjdrake.com   Cast of Characters Derek: A man in his early 20s.…

  • poetry


    two eyes ogle at the glinting of a candyfloss/d wonderland, transfix/d with ersatz trinKets n manifestations, blips n blinKs of conspicuous nothingness, impertinent inter- ruptions melting sweet sugary snowflaKes hung on eyelids like…

  • poetry


    from higher frequencies borderless vibrations, away from THE third observer, who never judges whose bacK is turn’d towards an artificial trompe l’oeil, a taciturn gate-keeper, who, dress’d in rags, perches amid the pair…

  • blog


    A chapter has ended in my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Nervous? Slightly, but that’s because I saw the murky light at the end of the corporate middle-management tunnel and there…

  • instagram

    ode to instagram

    this is bjdraKe.com.  it was down for a year after a brain injury n hasn’t fully been updated since relaunch, but it will serve as the only “official” glimpse into the window of…

  • prose


    * disclaimer *  due to personal failure / inability , this blog post has been automatically deleted by pre-enabled plug-ins that filter out all material that doesn’t meet the exaggerated standards set by…

  • blog

    faKe news

    ( trigger warnings : most of them ) ( disclaimer: on November 8th 2016 i suffer/d a traumatic brain injury , n that’s not my jab at trump’s victory that same day .  i…

  • blog

    welcum to bj draKe

    I’m an introvert and I need my alone time. But, I’m also a father, now. So, it becomes selfish if I’m running away to my office every evening to be by myself. Especially…

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