I was a political junky.  News was the needle that fed my veins.  I’d jitter, gulping refills of cold coffee.  Palms shaking and sweaty, pounding with rage on the kitchen table as I’d lament our dying civilization, with a smirk.  I would’ve overdosed, but God intervened.  On November 8th, 2016Continue Reading

A few uneventful years later and mom is dropping me off at school when I notice that the flag is dropped to half mast and had recently learned what that meant. “Who died?” I asked. “A kid in grade five,” my mom answered. “What happened?” “His girlfriend broke up withContinue Reading

The front of our yard had a large dirt pile that was the envy of the neighborhood kids that I was too scared to talk to.  They’d all come over and play G.I. Joes and Ninja Turtles.  I’d watch through the window and complain to my mom that they wereContinue Reading

I hated the neighbor boys.  They were twins, so you’d hate them, too.  Identical in appearance, but bipolar in temperament. Meaning one was chill and the other was a fucking asshole. My mom had just bought me a brand-new bottle of space bubbles.  The bottle was shaped like a robotContinue Reading

I was staring at the fuzzy little rotten spaghetti strands of carpet with a rumbling stomach, legs crossed in-between the faded Bauhaus suede couch and the quasi-wood record player speakers. My auntie had just given me my first record -The Village People- and it featured my favorite song about myContinue Reading

Across the tracks, on the deplorable side of town, when the moon rolled over you could hear the clanking of trash can lids; the rooster call of the back-alley that awoke the ash kids -pale vampires with missing teeth- from their snoozes in hallowed shrubs and other warm places.  Itchy,Continue Reading

I feel like life has been drained from me.  Then tiny holes were poked into me.  When I try to slurp that sweet soul-syrupy nectar from the cup of life it siphons out of me.  Gush.  A bit of the itchy juice tingles the toes, but they don’t bend.  Spurt. Continue Reading

in a protract / d wonder i locK / d up my bmx , transfix / d by the whisKer thin spider web cracKs that sprawl / d through the flaKed red paint on the biKe racK , bemused as i recall / d the Keen jaggedness of the gravelContinue Reading

This isn’t a dogmatic Manifesto to Achieving Universal Income.  It’s simply a scrap piece of paper with scribbled ideas, thoughts and Utopian daydreams that I’ve beautified and edited.  It is part of an ongoing exercise called PICK-A-SIDE… Universal Income Money is a thousand-year-old concept that was created to replace the barteringContinue Reading

I thought abortion would be the easiest topic for me to discuss.  I’m a male and I’m not influenced by the dogma of any organized religion.  The answer seemed obvious; it is a woman’s body; therefore, abortion is – ultimately – the woman’s choice.  No man, church or government –Continue Reading

When Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, it tickled my rabble rouser’s sphincter to watch the intellectuals of the left have a psychotic meltdown live on television. Their virtuous guidance was ignored and it shattered the manufactured reality of their academic, political and celebrity elitism. TheContinue Reading

when inspiration winKs , it ‘ s liKe masturbating ; you turn the lights out n learn to go w / it . commit w / o a safety word n no pause . you don ‘ t know when it ‘ ll winK . chances are , it willContinue Reading

two eyes ogle at the glinting of a candyfloss/d wonderland, transfix/d with ersatz trinKets n manifestations, blips n blinKs of conspicuous nothingness, impertinent inter- ruptions melting sweet sugary snowflaKes hung on eyelids like diabetes of the THIRD i. follow n liKe bj draKe

from higher frequencies borderless vibrations, away from THE third observer, who never judges whose bacK is turn’d towards an artificial trompe l’oeil, a taciturn gate-keeper, who, dress’d in rags, perches amid the pair of foolishly wandered eyes, an unarmed watcher, guardian of a connection lost once it is bombarded withContinue Reading

A chapter has ended in my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Nervous? Slightly, but that’s because I saw the murky light at the end of the corporate middle-management tunnel and there was a wheelbarrow half-full of money glowing in stink flies. “All you have to do to getContinue Reading

* disclaimer *  due to personal failure / inability , this blog post has been automatically deleted by pre-enabled plug-ins that filter out all material that doesn’t meet the exaggerated standards set by bj draKe.  this blog post has violated pre-agreed upon terms of contract ( DELETE button has reachedContinue Reading

( trigger warnings : most of them ) ( disclaimer: on November 8th 2016 i suffer/d a traumatic brain injury , n that’s not my jab at trump’s victory that same day .  i must’ve wrote this three weeKs into my injury ; around the beginning of december .  i publishContinue Reading

I’m an introvert and I need my alone time. But, I’m also a father, now. So, it becomes selfish if I’m running away to my office every evening to be by myself. Especially when I’m coming up empty handed. “Were you jerking off downstairs?” my wife asks me every singleContinue Reading