bacKseat breaKups
grunge poetry

bacKseat breaKups

wave a cab , ” need a ride ? ” time to figure out his life …

why is he alive ? how long until he ‘ s inside ?
will they say he tried ? or will they say he fail / d ?
will he maKe it to old age or be Kill / d before frail ?
he feels liKe the lonely lady waiting for her mail .
he ‘ s got the camera charged , just needs a model to set sail.

cross your fingers, has a feeling that he ‘ ll fail .
feeling that he needs you or he ‘ ll bail .

love thru a needle , ooh that rush , that feeling .
warm liKe an addict who found his meaning .
torn liKe an adult cutting loose for the evening .
chase love ‘ s high , only reason for breathing .

afraid of the moment she gives up n leaves him n
she will b / c you can ‘ t tame a heathen .


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