bad dreams
grunge poetry

bad dreams

i once held a handful of sleeping pills .
i swallow / d them n it didn ‘ t feel real .

i held a lot of guilt . felt a lot of pain .
only choice that remain / d was erase my name .
wouldn ‘ t place blame on no one …

just bored n i wasn ‘ t having fun .

mouth is liKe a funnel to vodKa n rum .
alcohol is trouble but i invited it to come .

now looK what i ‘ ve done . i ‘ m laying in bed .
body is numb n i ‘ m almost dead .

instead i awoKe w / regret n
spoKe w / my folKs n focus / d on the steps .

no hope is in death . learn to love life .

build a comfy nest w / some birds n a wife .
provide supper ; dissect worms w / a knife .
fly home at night . worK follows the light .

it ‘ s alright if you fall down or trip .
the problems only arise after you quit .

that ‘ s it .
tape off the scene .
maybe this is just a bad dream .

drown the hurt n suffocate hateful words .
maKe a trail or wait for them to pave one first .
i pinch / d a major nerve ; my heart palpitates .
don ‘ t be concern / d when if i vegetate .

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