bed peace
grunge poetry

bed peace

you ‘ ve been on my mind since mid – morning …

when i got up n looK / d in your eyes
i didn ‘ t want to worK or even go outside .

i grab / d my phone n fabricated a lie .

” this is bobby n i thinK i might be dying .
but , i should be fine by tomorrow ; don ‘ t worry .
might be a little late , let ‘ s say 9 : 30 . “

now we ‘ re bacK to lounging in bed .

i could ‘ ve made money , we maKe love instead .

got the bug in my head , she ‘ s driving me crazy n
i want to be her chauffer until i ‘ m driving miss daisy .

i write love note to her n don ‘ t need a response .

she speaKs her mind , i edit what goes on .

whatever side we ‘ re on , even when not the same
continue to get along , won ‘ t provoKe her to change .

…beautiful individual .


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