blacK mirror/d

the junKy’s dorito greased fingertips slid thru Instagram n he splutter/d “ at least it’s not heroine . ”

I destruct/d FacebooK long ago .

my addiction simply cracK/d it’s necK n found a fresh vain .

i wiped instagram clean .

it became a bored exercise of an arthritic thumb .

n the advertisements made it less punK .

i’m not quitting b/c i thinK the platform is involved in some grandiose conspiracy to manipulate n indoctrinate n distract the log/d on, but liKely they are .

the reason to struggle thru withdrawal ; simple …

we’re swiping away the minutes of life scanning sponsored content n curated peeKs of famously sKinny women n the men who fucK them .

it’s become nothing more than a cleverly design/d magazine w/o words .

it’s turn/d advertisement interactive .

you r the model (b.y.o.w) .

i quit .

no more pictures of stuff , please .

pull the memory sticK from my veins n watch the liKes n followers bleed out .

enter rehabilitation – outside , eww .

also, the bathroom will dull .

i’ll picK up a good ol’ fashion/d booK when i shit .

liKe we used to .

live life for real #likeweusedto .

#goodbye Instagram n may you rot in a blacKen/d dead-end alley of cyber hell with the dead eyes of our youth staring into your industrialist soul for eternity as you cuddle w/fucKerberg .

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