catchpenny blues
grunge poetry

catchpenny blues

wasted time leads to wasted efforts .
i Know that you can ‘ t wait forever .

a man once said pain is his guilty pleasure .
we had the same initials n in – between the
same letters .

some things are destiny ; weren ‘ t meant
to be n it Kills me to admit that i help / d
manifest our ending .

i want to walK w / god , but
i was born blind , so his sandy
footprints are hard to find .

worn shoes symbolic of my travels .
full of Knowledge liKe the drunK who babbles .

some cuts are too deep to not leave a scar , but
dad said men are judged by how thicK they ‘ re
callouses are .

i can see far ahead , but never travel / d the distance
b / c i ‘ m stucK w / a flat tire , questioning existence .

my phone booK is mostly expired numbers of past – associates .
how many questions you asK me determines how close you get .

… patterns beginning to appear , so
i close my eyes when walKing by mirrors .

spent a lifetime singing the blues .
the lyrics i ‘ ve wrote are to confuse .

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