• coffee n cigarettes


    in a dingy n damp cafĂ© on the downtrodden side of a slowly crumbling dairy town , painful moans n aches from unemployed laborers n farmers hush / d the whistling of the…

  • Kitchen lullabies

    Kitchen lullabies

    when he leaves for worK , she can finally cry . apologizes for the situation n this fucK / d up world she ‘ s bringing me into . nicotine surges through my…

  • first touch

    first touch

    under buzzing halogens that flicKer / d w / a dusty sizzle , his soft teeth chatter / d n shooK free the damp flaKes of mushy asbestos that dust / d his…

  • bicKer , broKen plate


    he walKs through the front door , kicKs worK boots aside n stomps upstairs , dropping lunchbox on top of the booK she was reading at the Kitchen table , starts complaining about…

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