cheat / d

butt / d menthols drop / d in empty cans
of the cheap beer . as nighttime expires, my
wristwatch becomes offensive to looK at .
” i love you . be bacK early ” is what she
said to me . outside i search / d for the
bushes I lost sight of , until they glow / d in
the spotlight / d high beams of a car that
parK / d in my driveway . my heart gag / d
when i hear / d her voice say ” thanks ”
before she slam / d the car door n the
headlight ‘ s vanish / d . her footsteps got
closer . she fumbled her Keys ; unlocK / d
already . she stumbled bacK when she saw
me . drunK on the couch at three am . she
said ” hello ” but , didn ‘ t let me say it bacK .
KicK / d off her heels n ran up the stairs .  she ‘ s
” tired . ” my heart sunK deeper w / every step
she tooK . my mind convulsed w / questions
that i need / d answer / d . i wait / d until she fells asleep
n looK / d for guilt on her face . I watch / d a lonely tear
wash a spit of her mascara down her cheeK n i
collapsed w / fear at the thought of
tomorrow .


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