coffee shop

coffee shop

soggy chewing gum
stucK w / out taste
left settled for weeks
w / but only a moist dampening from
the waitress ‘ smutty dish – rag
it picK / d up a whiff
of the cafĂ© ‘ s grimy draft
a cigarette smirch / d
menthol mint
moisten / d
picK / d n
peel / d
swallow / d
liKe a scab
from a stranger ‘ s palm
stainless bairn
puffing chocolate bubbles
thru a bendy straw
to muffle the injured whimpers
of vacillating fears
from bipolar parents
debilitated w /
generational anguish
n a luthern fear
of a god
who won ‘ t save us deplorables
from earthly anxiety
nor eternally damn / d rucKus
affording only glimpses of fun until noon
the room is thereafter reserved for a private function
w / a paid – for – by – your – tax – dollar buffet brunch
pocKet of stolen condiments
politicians , women n businessmen are liars , son
empathy is a selfish motive not to be trust / d
if they ‘ re smiling
so everyone dies n there is no heaven
so don ‘ t believe them
you don ‘ t need that fucKing toy
big boys don ‘ t cry
refill / d into a euphoric state of mania
cup chatters , sips , spills
slippery grip of jitter / d
excitement for the idea of life
warm n
therapeutically blooming
shopping spree rituals
for forgiveness
i ‘ ll taKe it
Keep the cup luKewarm
read the newspaper
his opinions are right
about everything
he was wrong about
the first time
w / haughty proof
pinKy up
free – refill
he wins
don ‘ t asK what he does for a living
sugar pacKet contents can ‘ t soaK up the
full – pot / d impending sense of doom
that twitch his eyelids
caste system rules everything around me
you ‘ ll have no money
everything was made to hold you bacK
failure is in your blood
our blood
a victim aims all blame elsewhere
put those crayons down
give up your childish dreams
there is no escape
except those that adults must spell out
in secret
across the ashtrays
whisper / d thru translucent froth
for years
i wait / d patiently
for the time to come
when i could understand
n use those misspell / d
against them .

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