grunge poetry

cucKoos nest

i ‘ m all alone in my room
w / no one to talK to
except a doctor named doom .
i never feel clean
liKe a cat when it grooms .
none of them see , but
i still leave clues .
i get in my car n just cruise .
craving conversations
listening to talK news .
i head south n follow / d
where the cucKoos flew .
nodding my head in contemplation
swallow / d by the blues .
hard times to live thru .
swim upstream liKe fish do .
miss you , every time the lips
split from Kissing you .
living off soup n cigarettes in a stoop
i ‘ ve made , so i lay in this groove .
one flew over the cucKoo ‘ s nest .
drop / d a rocK n smash / d the bird ‘ s nest .
the worst ain ‘ t occur / d yet ; bloody massacre .
we rise from the dead n live life afterwards .

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