depression Kills
grunge poetry

depression Kills

let me say this from the bottom of my heart ;
i honestly didn ‘ t thinK i ‘ d maKe it this far .

standing at the start line waiting for the gun shot .

bang !

first step looK / d down saw a drip of blood drop .

a blacK cloud is raining red on me .

maKe amends w / myself ?
no ; maKe enemies .

until death maKes dead of me
i ‘ ve been waiting for it to get to me .

the devil stood proud , right next to me .

i stand out in crowds like an x is on me .

… i thought it was best to leave
the best of me repress / d n be the rest of me .

invest time in building regrets .
built a duplex for the overflowing mess .

so fucKing depress / d ; i can ‘ t shaKe it .

swallow / d a bottle of pills , didn ‘ t taste it .

i was drowning in a downward spiral .
only thing looKing up is my eye – rolls .

lit a smoKe w / the passion of a pyro .
” cigarettes Kill . ”
yeah , i Know .

groan .
prefer to be alone .

bathing in her opinions n
covering them w / cologne .

cover / d my horns , but
they still poKe through .

how come everyone ‘ s afraid ,
but you ?

how come i can ‘ t push you away ?

you should leave me behind in yesterday .

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