grunge poetry

drone ! stoned !

i Know it ‘ s crazy , but
i bear in mind
that sunshine
maKes you happy , so
i need to stay inside .

otherwise , i ‘ m depleted
of inspiration for life .
besides , i don ‘ t want to
bump into people outside .

i ‘ m not shy , but i try to be
one of those guys who people
won ‘ t looK in the eyes .

looK to the sKy
searching for an omen .
find it in the clouds , but
only for a moment .

friendships fold / d
under this pressure .
no common bond to
justify getting together .

oh well , whatever .
nevermind me .
this is who i am
not who i try to be .

rip / d from the diary
if it ‘ s too deep , but
here ‘ s an open window
to see inside me .

here we go ,
proceed to plan b
when you finally Know
you don ‘ t control destiny .

you ‘ re getting too old
to Keep worKing on your feet .

the wisdom will grow .

beauty ‘ s sKin deep .

i write what i feel n
it can be contradicting , but
that ‘ s life .

every day is
different .

i want to maKe a difference , but
i need a balance n
i need a spotlight
to highlight my talent .

i don ‘ t need a challenge ;
already in abundance from
all the fun that
worKing class comes w / .

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