flag of defeat

flag of defeat

cherish the sham freedoms
control the remote , mindlessly
bury jizz – stain / d clump of jean
shreds of powder / d cheese , piled
sticKy crumb / d dorito remnants
slob / d arteries clogging , slumping
into sigh hurry / d n un – chew / d bites
swallow / d slowly , syrupy
slosh / d waddle roll / d into a
soft impetuous death .

sunK in grooved thin sKin / d
lime soaK / d gloom , stain / d sad
w / sweat , rawhide , lazy – boy – recliner
custom assembled n craft / d to celebrate
n cater to the glutton who is relax / d
factory equip / d multi – behemoth – sized
cup holders , design / d w / flaw of escaped
crevices filling w / filthy mold ;

ongoing science experiment …

hosting a plethora of sugary
corn syrup / d , lethal beverage spills
concentrated , breeding , molding n
morphing into undiscovered strains
of virulent germs hidden within
infest / d depths where pudgy fingers
are discriminated against n deny / d
entry , no hope pursuing lasting
sanitation of the gross .

instead , taKe a long n deep sniff
of a permanent blacK marKer tip
n jam low in crevices , scribble over
the odious neglect , smear it blacK
blend it in , normalcy , vulnerability gone .

strangers n friends on the tv judge me .

anxiety , sit quietly , cross hands no
crinKling ; it ‘ ll give away your solutions .

calm breath .

euphoria of
felt – tip fumes
creep n shoot
harshly joyous
rainbow beams
sarcasm n color
happy liKe fireworKs
out of the steaming fly
hover / d , maggot infest / d
stream of runny puppy – dog shit
where we ‘ ve stucK our limp toothpicK
w / a sticKy – note flag declaring
a neon pinK flag of defeat .

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