food court

in a deep , fry / d boredom , a young boy blew chocolate milK bubbles to smother the noise of the food court ;

whimpers of vacillating advice . worKing – class diatribes of blame . the slow drag of white – hair / d slippers scratching across the chalKboard tile . creaKy n spotty arthritic hands cracKing to grip food trays to balancing small coffees n handfuls of spelnda . loud talKing ladies chugging coffee n cursing their earthly anxieties , whistling for waitress ‘  to bring free refills ! shouting chatter / d words of warm gossip that spoil / d the creamers .

the young boy – bored w / his coloring booK n absorbing monologues of jittery doom – flop / d onto the floor n spot / d a wizen / d lump of soggy chewing gum that had been moisten / d w / a damp n smutty rag n left to absorb the stale air of menthol cigarettes , burnt coffee pots n expired old spice aftershave ; the filth of the food court .

the young boy picK / d at the rubbery gum , poKed it , pinch / d it n peel / d it free from under the table – liKe a scab from a stranger ‘ s Knee – n chew / d it bacK to life ; tasting the stranger ‘ s sad , whisKy breath .





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