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yowl / d ” yowl / d ” is the magnus opus / the unholy bible of grunge poetry n suicidal prose that follows behind bj draKe as he stumbles through a debilitating cycle of depression that spirals uncontrollably towards a sicKen / d n twist / d fascination w / leaving behind a legacy by suicide .

shadows ” shadows ” is two – hundred n fifty pages of suicidal grunge poetry . it ‘ s blood , sweat n bloody tears , it ‘s the helpless cries while suffering from a deep – root / d depression , it ‘s the screams of fear when you thinK you ‘ re about to breaK in two , it ‘ s the slow consumption of a soul to evil .

the curse of twenty – seven” the curse of twenty – seven ” is a previously unreleased collection of grunge poetry that pays homage to the dead idols of bj draKe n explores his odd obsession w / joining the club of twenty – seven n leaving behind a tragic legacy .

in gloom” in gloom ” is a small , pretty n previously unreleased collection of grunge poetry that peaKs behind the dark n tatter / d veil / d curtains of a crippling nervous breaKdown that sinKs into an even darker n scarier place ; absolute isolation , anxious loneliness n a suicidal abandonment of life.

the ruse of ambiguity” the ruse of ambiguity ” is an unreleased collection of grimy , grunge poetry that awaKens the anarchist ‘ s nightmare , delivers the political martyr ‘ s lashing , n provides a smudgy roadmap for the sleepwalKing rubes of this generation of swine towards hopeless rebellion .

bun . Ko :” bunKo ” is a small collection of grunge poetry that explores the darK side of a rotting society , plagued by needless death n greed n dives headfirst into conspiratorial musings of a world power superstructure that hoodwinKs us at every turn .

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