gypsy moth

gypsy moth

canopy / d umbrella of silKy dry leaf
shading the scrapes , gouges n scabs
from the infectious pain of the sun ‘ s
sanative warmth n pleasantries
that a starved sallow needs to


into strands of sagging gloom
sprout / d from a single decay / d
seeding that later grew
into a rotten willow tree
where the sad seeK rest

on broKen branches they weep
as she whispers capturing melodies
in sync w / plucking on the drooping
limbs from the bough sync / d to orchestrate
the sharp snaps of harp strings harmonizing

a hung melancholy

a lament for
the fabled hoax
of initials carved
in love

barK is hardest to peel
when etch / d w / trust
n harden / d w / time .

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