Kill for materialism
grunge poetry


everywhere i go n
everyone i see is
proving to me we ‘ ve
lost grip w / reality .

fatality in the bacK alley .
want / d those shoes so badly he
wasn ‘ t going to dilly – dally w / him .

instead he ran after him n
hit him with a baseball bat
for a hat that was fit / d .

it didn ‘ t even fit him .

he Knew from the beginning , but
Knew him bacK in high school n
wasn ‘ t cool w / him .

that butterfly flew into a cocoon of death .
reversed life as the Knife pierced flesh .

is he bless / d ?
did he pass the test ?

couldn ‘ t quote the holy text , so
what ‘ s next ?

no one Knows .
you don ‘ t Know , either .

agreed , though ,
let ‘ s both be
dreamers .

everyone is bless / d
with breath to Keep breathing .
until a bullet hits the chest .

for what reason ?

a little bit of money ?

can it buy you a brain , dummy ?

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