meriKKKa supremacy
grunge poetry


the meeK don ‘ t inherit , we carry the strong .
filling bomb holes w / garbage , not water in a pond .

inK blot / d on the wrong side of the canvas .
display it bacKwards n then you understand it .

it ‘ s liKe they plan / d it ; raised taxes n can ‘ t manage .
they go to war ignoring the collateral damage .

breaK borders for the saKe of free – trade .
it ‘ s cheaper over seas , watch the jobs float away .
while we have to stay , we don ‘ t have a choice .
local news have sponsors n now we ‘ ve lost our voice .

their shot is on point while we ‘ ve got no purpose .

… find happiness sipping on bourbon .

media spreads prejudice ; thinK turbine , but
if it that ‘ s not you it isn ‘ t concerning .

what we ‘ ve learn / d is we shouldn ‘ t get involved .
if we speaK out then we ‘ re the dunce against the wall .

that wall ‘ s got to fall , it only taKes one swing .
bring your hammer n let ‘ s KnocK down the whole fucKing thing .

we can ‘ t sing , but we can hold hands n dance .
don ‘ t get caught up in the fad n forget about the plan .
they ‘ re telling us to get back n we ‘ re telling them to move .
we ‘ re working for a checK , but have nothing to lose .

nothing to prove except that life is worth living .
but , living isn’t being surveillance liKe it ‘ s prison , or
erasing what was written b / c it ‘ s not popular opinion ;
if offending the winning political engine you ‘ re finish / d .
… it was pre – written .

liKe the georgia guide stones for population limits , or
plan / d parenthood worKing for eugenics .
or liKe a strand of anthrax sent by a internet scientist .

… i ‘ m going to have a heart – attacK .

these fanatics really want to see jesus come bacK .


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