might be so
grunge poetry

might be so

the library is free , but
you need a degree . teach
yourself ? you couldn ‘ t
possibly .

toss me whatever spare change
is jingling . me n money ,
rarely are we mingling .

that ‘ s fine . i ‘ m living
liKe a simpleton . i ‘ m scrapping
by , my shoes scuff / d , but i ‘ m
filling them .

the only way to maKe a million is
the lottery n to be a rocK poster
boy i ‘ d need surgery to all of me .

my philosophy is a bit slant / d , liKe
our destiny ‘ s pre – determined , god
plan / d it .

a razorblade to the wrist is damage .
humiliated in the mirror , goddamnit .
i asK / d for help , you made me a
sandwich then brought me a hello Kitty
bandage .

you ‘ ve got to live n love n laugh at life .
don ‘ t get a second chance to maKe it right .

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