naris blood

naris blood / d w / a scab / d history of a grub / d n dragging stare , trails flood / d w / puny
n pungent specKs of perfumed decay floatingĀ  in the bacK – alley , gutter overflow / d
w / bloat / d n spongey pests w / wet / d manes n mat / d furs .

cross – leg / d stranger cloaK / d in tatter / d threads of mystic , gently
whistles on the sidewalK , serpents unbury / d by pungi , yanK / d
w / hums of slumber into pretty wicKer prisons , recoil / d to rest
as the sound of the punji stick is mum / d .

stir / d in darKness n dump / d into smoldering pews of
persecution where god ‘ s word is propagated by
self – appoint / d pedophilic orators preaching
the slaughter of diseased rodents ,
burn god ‘ s most vile creations
n offer smoKe to the heavens
to save the serpent ‘ s soul
from the rage of god .

only sin
sin .

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