national disgrace
grunge poetry

national disgrace

i ‘ m a draft dodger , not getting
involved in fighting a war that can
never be resolved .

bodies w / bombs on them ain ‘ t that
uncommon ; what do you expect when you
drop bomb on them ?

troops tattooing emblems w / god on them n
locK sites on a civilian n laugh about how they
shot him .

Keep the war going on to maKe a profit .
we don ‘ t see the benefit , blood ‘ s in
our pocKets .

America has warheads , you can ‘ t have none .
who supplied the terrorists when they didn ‘ t
have guns ?

it ‘ s funny b / c as i recall it was the american
president accepting osama bin laden ‘ s phone calls .

… then they formulated a grudge against him b / c
every man is evil when there ‘ s money to be made n
so they bomb a train station , edit surveillance tapes
n put it on the news n promise it ain ‘ t faKe n they
sit bacK n laugh at the fear it creates as they slowly
push society into a police state .

we ‘ re being herd / d liKe cattle , they lied for the oil n
they ‘ ll rape , Kill , spoil life when on foreign soil .

the facts add up at an alarming pace , but
we pledge allegiance to the spit in our face .

national disgrace .

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