neon propaganda
grunge poetry

neon propaganda

disinformation preys on
impressionable teenage minds .

a waveringly attentive generation
consumed by flashing lights n
cheaply made chinese nicK – nacKs
to fiendishly collect , endlessly .

ritalin junKies w / wide eyes
mesmerized by the neon propaganda
that preaches fulfillment
through inspired consumption .

reach for the coolness
w / the season ‘ s latest trends n
fill your closet w / confidence .

insecurities sarcastically
iron / d onto secondhand t – shirts ;
spongy personalities absorb their slogans .

his said , ” iggnoranse is bliss ”
ironically spell / d wrong , unknowingly .

price – tags hang from sleeves
liKe a badge of honor that might
replace the failures of our inherited
last names .


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