no trespassing
grunge poetry

no trespassing

i used to be glad to be in the land of the free , but
then they privatized mountains , forest n trees .
they depleted our oceans for the fish that we eat .
Keep the wallet open , they tax the air that we breathe .

… that was given by god .
enforced by the state n punishable by law .

… broKen neck on that pretty little swan .
but , what do you expect ? it nest / d on my lawn .

can ‘ t get along when we ‘ re in a different class .
w / different wants , different needs n a different tasK .

infect / d lungs is why i ‘ m low on cash .
god bless the young n Keep on Killing their land .

i understand that you want to taKe a grand , but
tobacco before corn is a poor plan .

lonely , divorced hands , rest ? only a corpse can .
conservative governments give a fucK about an orphan .

… poor him , quit complaining , you were born .
if you ain ‘ t rich then you ‘ re not important .

…they protest those who want an abortion .
but life isn ‘ t free , they can ‘ t afford this .

unemployment w / endless resources .
this isn ‘ t a career , it ‘ s a job w / no choices .

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