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this is  it was down for a year after a brain injury n hasn’t fully been updated since relaunch, but it will serve as the only “official” glimpse into the window of my life.  i’m quitting instagram.  i quit facebooK long ago n instagram is starting to feel like when the relapsed junky says, “at least it’s not heroine.”  it’s become a meaningless exerciese of the thumb.  plus, the advertisements maKe it less punK.  i’m not quitting b/c i thinK the platform is involved in some grandiose experiment to manipulate/indoctrinate/distract the log/d on, but they more than liKely are.  the reason ; time is precious.  that’s it.  there’s more to life than scrolling thru curated peeKs into other people’s/stranger’s lives.  sure, the bathroom will dull, but i’ll picK up a good ol’ fashion/d booK when i shit.  liKe we used to.  #goodbye.

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