When Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, it tickled my rabble rouser’s sphincter to watch the intellectuals of the left have a psychotic meltdown live on television. Their virtuous guidance was ignored and it shattered the manufactured reality of their academic, political and celebrity elitism.

The losers of the most cringe-worthy presidential election cycle should’ve been humbled by their arrogance in broadcasting bluffing guarantees to their trusting viewers that Trump stood a “less than one percent chance of winning the election” and announcing that “America’s progressive values elected the first female president” before America had actually elected Hillary Clinton.

Instead of the talking-heads on the left admitting their err in truthful reporting, they began personally attacking the average Trump supporter – aka: working-class, racist, sexist, misogynistic men that guarded the repressive, white patriarchy that championed capitalism over equality and the protection of the environment – and gave intellectual Americans an internal boogeyman to collectively rally against; Republicans.

And, those on the rabble-rousing right made it easier for the average TV watching American to believe the left’s narrative that the ideology of conservative, Christian, right-wing media hosts messages were inundated with hateful rhetoric, validated by the right-wing troll-mob’s ongoing propagation of purposely offensive and shit-disturbing memes that are posted for no reason other than to trigger the vulnerabilities of the melting snowflakes.

It is counter-productive to a meaningful debate to post a picture of yourself dressed up as Hitler, defend the predatory practices of powerfully positioned men and blame their victim’s naivety, justify the police shootings of unarmed and unaggressive minorities, rally behind the systematic oppressions of the white man and blame feminism for creating reverse racism and encouraging sexism towards men, retweeting unsubstantiated claims of pedophilic pizza parlors where politicians engage in the spirit-burning of orphaned infants and clapping with enthusiasm at a bully-billionaire president’s disregard of respect, facts and political adroitness, etc.

Defending, overlooking and passively accepting the ugliness of humanity serves no productive purpose.

If you spread hateful, insensitive, ignorant, divisive, inconsiderate, ill-motivated rhetoric, beliefs, jokes and stereotypes you are walking into the ugly and rolling in a sticky pile of glue, making it easy for those defaming labels (racist, bigot, sexist, etc.) to stick easily overtop of your excuses of “it’s only a joke,” and the cowardly attempts you make to wash away the responsibility of the harm caused by your words, behaviors, posts by reminding the offended, victimized, hurt that you have a protected right – Freedom of Speech – that protects YOU from their complaints against your immature use of insensitive and harmful speech, behavior and tweets.

But, tolerance and equality can’t choose to not include a certain group of people, censorship is a slippery slope and it should be intolerable for a corporation to render government laws inapplicable by having their customers agree to the User End Term Agreements, in a culture of accusations if the defendant is found to be innocent the person(s) who publicly accuse them of wrongdoings and the media outlets that spreads the details of the unfounded accusations should be held legally responsible for printing or airing defamatory rumours because the scars of accusations can – while bringing to justice the legitimate abusers – destroy guiltless people’s lives when they’re politically/personally motivated, etc.

I can’t pick-a-side in these debates, these arguments, these attacks because the conversation online, on TV and in print is too emotional, too personal, too idealistic and I understand the suicidal, unbridgeable disagreements when emotions and logic argue.

One side pours gasoline on the bridge and the other side strikes a match and drops it; both sides burn to death.

Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, an ugly and repressed truth has been illuminated about me, something I’ve never admitted aloud; since I was a teenager, I’ve deliberately searched for the opposite side of every debate, so that I could use those conflicting arguments to play the role of devil’s advocate.

I’d disagree with those who agreed with what I said simply to get a reaction and see how firm their belief was.

Fast-forward to the present-day and I’ve been unable to join the online conversation because I’ve been asking myself where I stand on the key-topics of the day when I’m not trying to be an unprovoked cunt who just wants to argue.

The truth is that I’ve never been firm on deciding what it is I believe; ideologically, spiritually, politically, etc.  With every book I read, every person I speak with, every song I hear I’m learning about the world.  With every word I type I understand my truth, slightly more.  The more I learn the more I understand how much there is that I will never know.  So, why act in the tribalistic fashion of a sports fanatic and blindly pick a team that I forever vow to follow, regardless of how poor their performance becomes in the years that follow?

I’ve decided to reflect on my beliefs and clarify my opinions, in regards to the societal hot-button issues of 2018 in a weekly column called “Pick A Side.”  I’ll put a target on my back and admit to myself – and the reader – what I honestly think about a specific topic of online debate; gun control, gender rights, online censorship, universal income and other potential career-ending/marriage ruining taboo subjects.


Well, I simply don’t understand how the same friends, co-workers and acquaintances who – only three years ago – would say, “sorry, I don’t follow politics” when the topic was mentioned are now those who argue politics with the loudest voice, while I’ve been reading the newspaper since I was a young, sad child being dragged to coffee shops and still haven’t donated to or volunteered for a political party.

Why not?

Are my beliefs – if I have any – motivated by blind allegiance, herd-mentality or groupthink?  Are my opinions simply regurgitations of what I heard on the radio, what I read in the outdated childhood textbooks from school and scrolled across on my auto-refreshed Facebook feed?

I’m not sure…

Pick A Side is exercise in growth.  These are my current opinions and my beliefs as I’m best able to communicate them.  If you attack my ideas – not my personality – I’ll listen with sincerity to your perspective and consider refreshing my point of view.

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