grunge poetry


i Knew since the morning that i met you .
when i hoped that you read the note that i left you .
i want / d to share my everything w / you .
split my crayon in half n paint the sKy blue .
sKetch a memory , share a cigarette .
chat about life in the rain n get wet .
vulnerability ? ah ! talK about my dreams ?
life ? i wasn ‘ t loving it , but tell me what you see …
inspire me …
n she did , immediately .
remind / d me there ‘ s a meaning inside of me .
i was undecidedly idling , suicidally .
then i finally saw eyes that wouldn ‘ t lie to me .
she illuminates the darK sKy in me .
she ‘ s the sunshine vibes where smiles breath .
…she ‘ s a butterfly that grew to be .
i ‘ m still a caterpillar stewing in a cocoon ; asleep .
who ‘ d i be w / o you ? me ;
a bit of cream , but no sugar in my coffee .
if i could show you through a physical act , exactly
how i love you
it would disgust you .
it ‘ s true ; you ‘ re the one who comes through , always .
liKe we sKip / d class n wander / d through the hallways .
i lived in a small cage , you help / d me out .
now it ‘ s winter n we vacation down south .
no doubt that i ‘ m crushing on you .
somebody pinch me b / c this can ‘ t be true .
nobody else could reach me .
how did you get through ?
those walls you stucK sticKy – notes to
saying …
” i love you . ”
then i wrote bacK ” i love you , too . ”
… it ‘ s hard to put it in words .
how do you cage the song of a free bird ?
now , when i sit to write all i thinK about
is her . perfume ; i ‘ m in a different mood .
sipping red wine n dining on fine food .
it comforts me to Know where i can find you .
now that i ‘m beside you every single morning
the hangover isn ‘ t why i want to Keep snoring .
… it ‘ s you .

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