my lower chaKras were balanced n buzz / d by binaural beats n psilocybin mushrooms when a stranger ‘ s voice gently remind / d me that ” the fleshly vessel can accomplish greatness only once it surrenders¬† ” n he shh / d his insight n explain / d no further as i melt / d into a Karnapidasana pose .

three heavy hours later , w / my crown chaKra illuminated n unclutter / d , i limberly tip toed pass / d a mirror when that same voice – no longer strange – was jilt / d w / me for not pondering his riddle n so he barK / d to my pixelated reflection ” THAT beast ! ” my scatter / d eyes looK / d thru the mirror to listen to the voice that continued ” until you tame THAT beast … ” it paused n tooK control of my hands n fan / d my body ‘ s outline w / my wavy fingers , ” THIS beast … ” he sigh / d n my spine itch / d , ” until you tame THIS beast , nothing good will come . “

i Knew what he meant n so i whisper / d bacK the first words i ‘ d spoKen all night , ” the old sKin holds sin , so i ‘ m shedding , ” n he nod / d , pleased .




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