anarchy at berKeley

slugs of ivory

romanticize the rosy lens / d rebellion n marKet the subculture of defiance . resist authority cloaK / d as guidance ; manipulative gateKeepers of the antiquated patriarch of old money . they wouldn ‘ t listen to your squeaKy throat / d , childish objections . regretfully , the elevated heights of their ivory tower didn ‘ t stimulated your crude voice into a deepen / d maturity , yet . they hear you , but still don ‘ t listen . they yell louder w / high – mind / d confidence booming w / intellectual supremacy . script / d vernacular of oppositional ideology that maKes them an agreeable enemy to those who disagree . assaultive , offensive , micro – aggressions vindicate blocKing / banning / doxing / deplatforming / murder of the rabble rouser .  censorship is a tool of truth n truth is relative to whose side it is on . common sense no longer walKs common ground , but it tip – toes across a fucKing landmine .


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