spilled inK
grunge poetry

spill / d inK

elevated mind state .
heavenly divine fate .
how do you define great
when all replicates ?
avoid cheddar ‘ s bate .
dwell in the underground ,
depths of hell infest / d
w / deathly sounds .
shut it down n step
out the box .
drop the ego liKe a
banKer drops stocKs .
i ‘ ve got ho ‘ s n
a garden full of rocKs , but
still no control when
sipping on scotch .
you flicK it , i ‘ ll watch .
i can learn what to thinK .
i ‘ ll blur all your words
w / o a single drinK .
i get drunK n hold a long blinK
n when my eyes open my world
is spill / d inK .

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