Stack of Beats – Beat Tape Two

1. A Brave New World Instrumental
2. A Confederacy of Dunces Instrumental
3. A Farewell to Arms Instrumental
4. And The Hippos Were Boiled Instrumental
5. And Then There Were None Instrumental
6. Crossing the Water Instrumental
7. Factotum Instrumental
8. Ham on Rye Instrumental
9. Invisible Monsters Instrumental
10. Junky Instrumental
11. Kaddish Instrumental
12. No Logo Instrumental
13. Satori in Paris Instrumental
14. The Beauty Myth Instrumental
15. The Celestine Prophecy Instrumental
16. The Great Shark Hunt Instrumental
17. The Metamorphosis Instrumental
18. The Subterraneans Instrumental
19. The Wasp Factory Instrumental
20. The Cat’s Cradle I
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