• god loves ugly
    monologues , scripts

    god loves ugly

    god loves ugly A Play About Suicide in One Act by bj draKe Copyright 2018, by bj draKe publishing. bjdrakewriting@outlook.com admin@bjdrake.com www.bjdrake.com   Cast of Characters Derek: A man in his early 20s.…

  • coffee shop

    coffee shop

    soggy chewing gum stucK w / out taste left settled for weeks w / but only a moist dampening from the waitress ‘ smutty dish – rag it picK / d up a…

  • denied
    poetry,  Uncategorized

    deny / d

    paper w / verity of self burns eyes , roughly massaged into twist / d balls of crumpled veto toss / aside , forgotten until not late – night landmines , crumbled sounds…

  • stranger
    grunge poetry


    i ‘ m claustrophobic when the door closes , but if it ‘s open truth is exposed , then i ‘ m defending those questions mentioned , liKe ” on your skin ,…

  • shavasana


    misdiagnosed . prescribed suicidal ideation . side – effect ? peace . all i need , now is a needle n a crown for my thrown . rigor mortis . shavasana . blue…

  • left
    grunge poetry


    let me be honest for a sec … everything i touch i wrecK . everything i love i left . no Kiss goodbye . i pop pills for depression , so no big…

  • fucked
    grunge poetry

    fucK / d

    gets hard not having what you need , asKing for handouts , give me money , please . society is treating me liKe it ‘ s shoe , untying me n reheating the…

  • soggy wrists
    grunge poetry

    soggy sleeves

    trials n tribulations got you stucK in hesitation . sicK of this fucKing frustration . either sticK w / it or find a train station . i ‘ m a conversation lost in…

  • sunK


    a burden to fictive hellfire lucidity is beyond the buoys n beyond safe swimming . toes hang in absence of coral to stand on , seaweed tries to strangle . divers sinK below…

  • what wasn ' t
    grunge poetry

    what wasn ‘ t

    stomach ‘ s nauseated . loss of concentration . law of attraction . love is escalating . panicK / d separation . unachieved expectations . home – sweet – home . find comfort…

  • expired


    he trust / d her every word . ” i ‘ ll never leave you . ” just words to her . she was his only trophy . center of the shelf .…

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