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    one leg / d seagull lays on the fallen lamp post beside the trash bin in the empty parKing lot of a lost n forgotten rest stop on the long n stretch / d highway that leads nowhere n everywhere both at once n not at all . home . the seagull waits for the pecK / d scraps to drop behind the trash bin w / the snapping lid that bit his web /d leg clean off . it ‘ s still hanging there , wilt / d liKe a dried up worm in the hot prairie ‘ s sun . follow n liKe bj draKe

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    Was Trump’s G7 Temper Tantrum A Manipulative Tactic of Power Posturing Ahead of North Korean Meeting?

    President Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum after the G7 meeting in Quebec, Canada raised my conspiracist eyebrows in a weed-hazed wonder; has Trump truly gone rogue by igniting a trade war with his closest allies only days before his meeting with the world’s most concerning and unstable leader; North Korea Prime Minister, Kim Jong-un? Or has Trump’s trolling reached the Kanye West Scoop de Woop level of LARPing? What strikes me as odd is that for the last week there has been non-stop coverage on NPR and CBC Radio about Trump’s vocalized disinterest in attending the annual G7 summit.  He had bigger, more important things to do. There’s also been endless…

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