• she
    grunge poetry


    she wore a faKe smile . worK / d for a while . until her friends left . lived in denial . she slid miles . drove guys wild . didn ‘ t…

  • last breath

    last breath

    the brewer ‘ s blacKbird chirps as the time flutters by . menthol cigarette butts overflow a dent / d collection of beer cans . what start / d as simple concern has…

  • stray bullet


    i ‘ ll admit to dropping your heart , but it was that stray mutt that shred it liKe a rubbery chew toy . i thought her bite was playful . it wasn…

  • static
    grunge poetry


    this is the last letter that i ‘ ll write to you b / c nothing that i ever do is quite right for you . my acts aren ‘ t exceeding your…

  • visitor , hello Kitty


    vixen of the night . a bed – drifting bandit . hello Kitty , Kid – sized bandages . only taKes three to cover the scars of a childhood she outgrew , too…

  • expired


    he trust / d her every word . ” i ‘ ll never leave you . ” just words to her . she was his only trophy . center of the shelf .…

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