• god loves ugly
    monologues , scripts

    god loves ugly

    god loves ugly A Play About Suicide in One Act by bj draKe Copyright 2018, by bj draKe publishing. bjdrakewriting@outlook.com admin@bjdrake.com www.bjdrake.com   Cast of Characters Derek: A man in his early 20s.…

  • obedient son


    dingy , under – lit , damp restaurant . only one Kid in there , he thinKs . hard to see across the room w / all the lingering cigarette smoKe . obedient…

  • coffee shop

    coffee shop

    soggy chewing gum stucK w / out taste left settled for weeks w / but only a moist dampening from the waitress ‘ smutty dish – rag it picK / d up a…

  • coffee n cigarettes


    in a dingy n damp café on the downtrodden side of a slowly crumbling dairy town , painful moans n aches from unemployed laborers n farmers hush / d the whistling of the…

  • Kitchen lullabies

    Kitchen lullabies

    when he leaves for worK , she can finally cry . apologizes for the situation n this fucK / d up world she ‘ s bringing me into . nicotine surges through my…

  • denied
    poetry,  Uncategorized

    deny / d

    paper w / verity of self burns eyes , roughly massaged into twist / d balls of crumpled veto toss / aside , forgotten until not late – night landmines , crumbled sounds…

  • muddy grave

    muddy grave

    laud misfortune . at last ; lament priggishness dancing atop of his muddy grave laggardly . euphoric whisper of ” i told you so . ” oddly fulfill / d . follow n…

  • mind control
    grunge poetry

    mother of darKness

    mother of darKness hums lullabies . hidden boxes are numerically locK / d . voices of the subconscious , whisper . self – destruct before thirty . hypnotic words , manchurian . nude…

  • bicKer , broKen plate


    he walKs through the front door , kicKs worK boots aside n stomps upstairs , dropping lunchbox on top of the booK she was reading at the Kitchen table , starts complaining about…

  • wet cigarette

    wet cigarette

    romanticized youthful anarchy . rebel against all , but fight for nothing . can ‘ t make a fist w / a lit cigarette . you ‘ d spill your beer , anyways…

  • gullible carnival
    short stories


    I step over a fresh pile of excitement; a brown liquid caramel mixture littered with Skittles and pieces of undigested hot dog from a kid who swallowed too much candy too quickly before…

  • gum

    food court

    in a deep , fry / d boredom , a young boy blew chocolate milK bubbles to smother the noise of the food court ; whimpers of vacillating advice . worKing – class…

  • fly , my little bird
    short stories

    fly , my little bird

    I’ve never understood the choice of colours in these rooms; grey, sun-faded yellow, light blue and white. Bleak and depressingly dull, even to say. A visitor from down the hall gave my aunt…

  • prose


    the recess bell clang/d n the hallways flood/d w/sneaKers n bacKpacKs n granola bar wrappers, exit doors batter/d n bulged n burst thru, “the levy’s fail/d,” grunts, pufferfish n butterfly fish meander/d thru…

  • prose

    the voice

    from a faint whisper grew a harden/d n hateful voice that crawl/d from the bacK of my head n squat/d at the forefront of my mind n there he has rest/d since the…

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