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    Pick-A-Side: Abortion

    I thought abortion would be the easiest topic for me to discuss.  I’m a male and I’m not influenced by the dogma of any organized religion.  The answer seemed obvious; it is a woman’s body; therefore, abortion is – ultimately – the woman’s choice.  No man, church or government – in my opinion – has the right to restrict a woman’s ability to control what happens to or within her body. But, beyond the body – in regards to input from partners, tax-payer funded contraception and clinics, improvements to sexual education and the societal impact of bringing an unloved child into this world simply to appease an angry God –…

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    slugs of ivory

    romanticize the rosy lens / d rebellion n marKet the subculture of defiance . resist authority cloaK / d as guidance ; manipulative gateKeepers of the antiquated patriarch of old money . they wouldn ‘ t listen to your squeaKy throat / d , childish objections . regretfully , the elevated heights of their ivory tower didn ‘ t stimulated your crude voice into a deepen / d maturity , yet . they hear you , but still don ‘ t listen . they yell louder w / high – mind / d confidence booming w / intellectual supremacy . script / d vernacular of oppositional ideology that maKes them…

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