• god loves ugly
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    god loves ugly

    god loves ugly A Play About Suicide in One Act by bj draKe Copyright 2018, by bj draKe publishing. bjdrakewriting@outlook.com admin@bjdrake.com www.bjdrake.com   Cast of Characters Derek: A man in his early 20s.…

  • she
    grunge poetry


    she wore a faKe smile . worK / d for a while . until her friends left . lived in denial . she slid miles . drove guys wild . didn ‘ t…

  • vertigo
    grunge poetry


    room is spinning . thinK about the outcome . ignore the what – ifs n focus on how come . how dumb could you possibly become ? raised in the suburbs , never…

  • grunge poetry


    you have no clue on what the fucK it is your Kids do . what they ‘ re into . what they ‘ ve been through . which celebrities they vicariously live through…

  • pills
    grunge poetry


    i Know it ‘ s crazy , but sometimes i envision the night i swallow / d all those pills n Kept living . for what reason ? it wasn ‘ t my…

  • stucK
    grunge poetry


    the best way to summon up these last years ; hung – over asKing if i can crash here . i outlast / d my fears , but still not on comfortable grounds…

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