• creamy

    when inspiration winks

    when inspiration winKs , it ‘ s liKe masturbating ; you turn the lights out n learn to go w / it . commit w / o a safety word n no pause . you don ‘ t know when it ‘ ll winK . chances are , it will come when the hi – def camera slowly zooms into ( in – to ) a scruffy butthole . it ‘ ll pass , right ? focus , bro , on his scruffy butthole b / c it ‘ s coming . fucK . fucK . fucKery . winK . maKe art n get out w / half of a chew…

  • poetry


    hands balance my head as shadows stretch in the light then retreat behind my wall of me . hidden from view . empty room where the truth is spoken , but never leaves . groans escape me muting unripe ideas . Keep them mumbled . let them grow . first impressions fade to the last w/ only one chance . electric zizz penetrates through the tirelessly nurtured noiselessness , mucKing my foundation ; I sinK . stolen words scream  for my attention ; but are those words mine ? regurgitated thievery that is forever imitating all that’s been recycled, before . inspiration whisper / d in a voice not my…

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