mush worms in-between the fingers sunshine funnel/d into the bloodstream life’s presence felt in the warm pricK nightmares of a cold sweat spun into contentment adrenaline salivates w/animalistic pleasantries n absorbs absolutely the limp/d n forgot/n soul that isolates from the inquires of strangers b/c being polite is a gateway drug scramble the automaton of […]

enlighten/d brooding

sit ; cross your legs, open your palms, close your eyes n be quiet. w/o hesitation, whirling thru the upper layers of consciousness is redundant n trivial thoughts, radio chatter n gossip that confuse the silence. the day’s blah-blah-blah. sport statistics, the weather, tv commercials. acKnowledge these distractions n let them go ; quicK taste […]

billboard dreaming

a million dollars is a myth foreclosed, dead-end suburbs white or blue collar ; humbl/d both a collar ; leash/d gold chains n draped in logos ; fad idolize mtv ; walKing billboards cancerous advertisment smoKing heavy ; lights tho escape regularity by chance ; lotto drunKen daydream about winning violent whiplash ; home-sweet-home “if […]


darK cabal sorcery hexing positivist conceptualized agendum elitist hypothesis of a better world. georgia guidestones ; language crumbles. machetes n grenade launchers plagues aids n avian flu ; necessary evil. population mutates into parasitic infestations. high-art. ivory tower. no fresh ideas. latest ideologies written for radio. technology confuses idea of tomorrow. free-Knowledge ; anything is […]


the weaK inherit democracy’s debt. peace comes w/a price-tag. boom. refurbish/d landscape, discount/d. hole fill/d w/garbage from foreign lands of plenty ; no clean drinking water for a swimming pond. cannonball ! children strangled in plastic six-pacK rings. bj draKe


the recess bell clang/d n the hallways flood/d w/sneaKers n bacKpacKs n granola bar wrappers, exit doors batter/d n bulged n burst thru as grunts, puffers n butterfly fish meander/d down poky streams that puddled together to form festering mud pits. i saunter/d w/my soccer ball clutch/d closely n noticed Kids weren’t waiting for me […]


two eyes ogle at the glinting of a candyfloss/d wonderland, transfix/d with ersatz trinKets n displays of blips n blinKs of conspicuous nothingness, impertinent inter- ruptions melt sweet sugary snowflaKes that hang on eyelids liKe diabetes of the THIRD i. bj draKe