• obedient son


    dingy , under – lit , damp restaurant . only one Kid in there , he thinKs . hard to see across the room w / all the lingering cigarette smoKe . obedient…

  • mushy worms

    mushy worms

    mush worms in – between fingers . funnel sunshine into bloodstream . nightmares spun into cold – sweat realism . salivating w / adrenaline , not pleasure . guilty , blacK tar /…

  • denied
    poetry,  Uncategorized

    deny / d

    paper w / verity of self burns eyes , roughly massaged into twist / d balls of crumpled veto toss / aside , forgotten until not late – night landmines , crumbled sounds…

  • flag of defeat

    flag of defeat

    cherish the sham freedoms control the remote , mindlessly bury jizz – stain / d clump of jean shreds of powder / d cheese , piled sticKy crumb / d dorito remnants slob…

  • scapegoat


    vices fade in the rear – view . old habits never left behind . fingers never point / d to a scapegoat . these are my fucK ups . oops . you have…

  • neon propaganda
    grunge poetry

    neon propaganda

    disinformation preys on impressionable teenage minds . a waveringly attentive generation consumed by flashing lights n cheaply made chinese nicK – nacKs to fiendishly collect , endlessly . ritalin junKies w / wide…

  • muddy grave

    muddy grave

    laud misfortune . at last ; lament priggishness dancing atop of his muddy grave laggardly . euphoric whisper of ” i told you so . ” oddly fulfill / d . follow n…

  • karma ' s presage

    Karma ‘ s presage

    century old floorboards ache w / pressure . a splinter / d sliver ‘ s worth of warmth breathes phantasmal living shadows . invade sanity , hauntingly . follow up n down narrow…

  • disconnected

    disconnect / d

    hang – over is suicidal . no idea which pill was swallow / d . they ‘ re all part of the daily ritual to balance inner chaos , anyways . cigarettes ,…

  • poem

    what ‘ s left

    this poem is an example of how to breaK the rules . not out of playful ignorance , nor in defiance to ” the ” establishment . it ‘ s not about absorbing…

  • last breath

    last breath

    the brewer ‘ s blacKbird chirps as the time flutters by . menthol cigarette butts overflow a dent / d collection of beer cans . what start / d as simple concern has…

  • alibi

    burn / d bridges

    you ‘ ve burn / d the bridges to the village where memories rest , but never sleep . where responsibility awaits behind doors once unlocK / d that require a Key that…

  • caterpillar


    responsibility removed from existence is a child ‘ s liberty , or that of a wandering drunK . the legal limit doesn ‘ t define sobriety . thirteen days w / no drinK…

  • stray bullet


    i ‘ ll admit to dropping your heart , but it was that stray mutt that shred it liKe a rubbery chew toy . i thought her bite was playful . it wasn…

  • wet cigarette

    wet cigarette

    romanticized youthful anarchy . rebel against all , but fight for nothing . can ‘ t make a fist w / a lit cigarette . you ‘ d spill your beer , anyways…

  • you , the liquor , are my regret


    you are the reason . the excuse . the idea that ignorance is bliss . the contradiction . you are the social . the Key to unlocKing fun . the liar . the…

  • sinners blood

    sinner ‘ s blood

    fleshly sinner ‘ s blood . Knees fused to throw – rug . Knelt for days in repentance n mercy . finger abrasions , raw from eternal prayers . holding on for life…

  • impuissant


    tissues crumpled into balls of fire hazard . spoil / d hope , again . room hazed w / nicotine incense . wallpaper tinge match / d w / my smoKer ‘ s…

  • expired


    he trust / d her every word . ” i ‘ ll never leave you . ” just words to her . she was his only trophy . center of the shelf .…

  • gum

    food court

    in a deep , fry / d boredom , a young boy blew chocolate milK bubbles to smother the noise of the food court ; whimpers of vacillating advice . worKing – class…

  • billboard dreaming

    billboard dreaming

    glossy flashes waver the already struggled attention of a generation that ‘ s been agitated into distraction by flashing lights n shiny chinese nicK – KnacKs n process / d pablum ; ritalin…

  • darK clouds

    darK clouds

    wait / d for her turn . others Kept budging in line n now her looKs are lost to age . should have pucKer / d those lips , sweetheart , instead of…

  • barK

    pocKet Knife

    canopy / d umbrella of silKy , dry leaf hid the pale mooncalf from the sun ‘ s sanative warmth that blooms even the starved sallow . weeping strands of sagging gloom sprout…

  • hibernate


    … we ‘ re sorry to interrupt your routine benightedness w / a breaKing extend / d weather forecast alert . itchy , darK clouds have been spot / d mushrooming the sKy…

  • poetry

    naris blood

    naris blood / d w / a scab / d history of a grub / d n dragging stare , trails flood / d w / puny n pungent specKs of perfumed decay…

  • wise


    my lower chaKras were balanced n buzz / d by binaural beats n psilocybin mushrooms when a stranger ‘ s voice gently remind / d me that ” the fleshly vessel can accomplish…

  • bored


    she stared out the window n mumbled how brave i had been for quitting my job . ” brave ? ” i asK / d w / my eyebrow cocK / d ,…

  • poetry


    hands balance my head as shadows stretch in the light then retreat behind my wall of me . hidden from view . empty room where the truth is spoken , but never leaves…

  • poetry

    natural born sinners

    carnivorous lust of succulently weaK n luscious flesh marinated w / cloves forbs n grass basting in the intestine’s gastric juices , bubble n boil , decay n caramelize the misty moisture a…

  • poetry


    sit ; cross your legs , open your palms , close your eyes n be quiet . w / o hesitation , in whirl the conscious layers of daily thoughts , radio chatter…

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