• dismantled
    grunge poetry


    he constantly compared himself to everyone he wasn ‘ t . never once was he the topic of discussion . easily agitated liKe tapping on percussions . perfectionism saved him from burning out…

  • stranger
    grunge poetry


    i ‘ m claustrophobic when the door closes , but if it ‘s open truth is exposed , then i ‘ m defending those questions mentioned , liKe ” on your skin ,…

  • disconnected

    disconnect / d

    hang – over is suicidal . no idea which pill was swallow / d . they ‘ re all part of the daily ritual to balance inner chaos , anyways . cigarettes ,…

  • bell jar

    bell jar

    planets , sun . quiver / d star floating in the periphery . butterfly deprived oxygen . reanimate to die slow , gossamer . neurotic suburban feline cleaning . cloudy sKies n a…

  • left
    grunge poetry


    let me be honest for a sec … everything i touch i wrecK . everything i love i left . no Kiss goodbye . i pop pills for depression , so no big…

  • impuissant


    tissues crumpled into balls of fire hazard . spoil / d hope , again . room hazed w / nicotine incense . wallpaper tinge match / d w / my smoKer ‘ s…

  • prose

    the voice

    from a faint whisper grew a harden/d n hateful voice that crawl/d from the bacK of my head n squat/d at the forefront of my mind n there he has rest/d since the…

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