suicide teddy bear
grunge poetry

toss n turn ( sleepless again )

he trust / d her when she said she wouldn ‘ t leave .
she Knew he was gullible , so she said what he / d believe .

his love is under siege , his heart drop / d into his Knees .
his hurt mentality says , ” no love , no pain , no grief . “

just one , no sharing sheets n no discussing his dreams .
she rip / d the stich / d love patch off of his sleeve .

his buddies all thinK he ‘ s going crazy .
won ‘ t talK to no chicKs n shy around ladies .

depress / d n lazy n his bedroom is hazy .
even w / no hood he ‘ s described as shady .

as a teenage stranger he got used to her looks .
used to arguing , he got his facts from different booKs .

now he ‘ s shook , he never thought that something liKe love
would get him so close to the edge n gently shove .

no help from above , he ‘ s soul searching from within .
always defending himself n his sarcastic grin .

since the beginning he ‘ s been dreaming about his ending .
tried sharing , lending , but they kept comparing ; pending .

love is not a game ; it ‘ s an obsession
that leaves you sappy or dead from depression .

use discretion .
focus on now , not then .

you can ‘ t really love somebody
if you can ‘ t stay friends .

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