Was Trump’s G7 Temper Tantrum A Manipulative Tactic of Power Posturing Ahead of North Korean Meeting?

President Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum after the G7 meeting in Quebec, Canada raised my conspiracist eyebrows in a weed-hazed wonder; has Trump truly gone rogue by igniting a trade war with his closest allies only days before his meeting with the world’s most concerning and unstable leader; North Korea Prime Minister, Kim Jong-un?

Or has Trump’s trolling reached the Kanye West Scoop de Woop level of LARPing?

What strikes me as odd is that for the last week there has been non-stop coverage on NPR and CBC Radio about Trump’s vocalized disinterest in attending the annual G7 summit.  He had bigger, more important things to do. There’s also been endless discussion and analysis of his intention of striking tariffs on commodity goods exchanged across America’s borders with his biggest trade partners, penalizing them for taking advantage of American generosity in past negotiations.

Then, as promised, Trump dropped his proposed tariff-bomb on the G7 world leaders, lambasted how America was being taken advantage of by the weak deals and waddled out of the meeting early and without signing on the dotted line.

The other members of the G7 Summit had to pick their jaws up off the floor like a loosely screwed marionette after the shock announcement that casual talk-radio listeners and Twitter scrollers somehow saw coming for weeks, now.

So, is the hysteria from Justin Trudeau that followed Trump’s exit the Prime Minister’s failed attempt to hoodwink journalists by providing a scripted response of outrage?  Did he unwittingly remind us why he taught drama class instead of pursuing an acting role, eventually eye-fluttering his way to Canada’s Prime Minister?

When asked what he thought of Trump’s announcement he stumbled like the little brother who was trying to take the blame for his brother breaking the lampshade so he wouldn’t get a bloody nose for telling.

That is when I began to wonder; was this a clever scheme of power posturing by Trump before meeting with North Korea’s rogue leader, Kim Jong-un?

The photo of Trump sitting with his arms crossed and lips puffed out with a  pouty, school boy defiance as he is surrounded by other members of the G7 is too perfect for the moment.

It’s a story that Trump wants Kim Jong-un to see for himself, without words and no need for a translator.

The message is crystal clear; if America won’t back down to the other world leaders then what sway does North Korea have in this conversation?

The one advantage Kim Jong-un seemingly had in negotiations with Trump was his rogue status. Kim Jong-un is his own leader. He has no other country or committee advising him.  He – and he alone – decides the fate of himself and his people.

Whereas Trump, though a loose canon, works within a structured framework of checks-and-balances. Any decision he makes, especially when crossing borders and especially in military conflict, is a delayed process. It doesn’t have to be, but that’s protocol.

America is a global leader and they’re meant to act in the interest of everyone, not just their own selfishly ego-driven motives.

Cue Trump.

His latest middle-finger to the rest of the world leaders symbolizes that he’s unconcerned with the opinions of other countries and that picture summed it up, perfectly;

“America First or Fuck You.”

Coincidentally, Trump went rogue hours before his meeting with Kim Jong-un, the most worrying leader of a rogue nation with nuclear ambitions and a recent obsession with destroying America.

This G7 Summit was a God-send for Trump in preparation for Kim.

If Trump is willing to tell his closest allies “fuck you, pay me,” and threaten steep and unfair tariffs on basic commodities, then what is he willing to tell a country that has nothing to offer him, asides from securing him with the Nobel Peace Prize?

If it was scripted, it was a well-played manipulation of the media and the public’s trust to affect a desired outcome and some would consider the lies justifiable if North Korea were to denuclearize and the world became a safer place.

But, if this wasn’t scripted, Trump’s nationalism is becoming dangerous.


Pissing off your greatest allies days before you speak with an unstable rogue leader who has promised the destruction of your country isn’t the wisest of moves.



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