ocean storm

weather / d the storm

sunlight broKe thru tired clouds n swollen eyes .
i awoKe up w / duct – tape stucK over my mouth
n a salt / d tongue , barricaded in a clammy wheelhouse
of rot / d fish n miscreant ‘ s sweat . a limp / d seagull
w / a crust / d white beaKĀ  licK / d the small pools of
bacKyard moonshine that boil / d on small pieces of
broKen glass bottles . i snatch / d the bowl / d bottle
bottom w / residue to smooth the sandy throat n
w / o looKing gulp / d the saucer n vomit / d
the moment a soggy ticKle of wet cigarette
butts brush / d against my shriveling tonsils .
hastily hammer / d nails pull / d from the plywood ,
easily . the decK was splinter / d n set ablaze by
a crew that jump / d ship w / the dingy , compass
n moonshine while i blacK / d out , trusting they ‘ d
warn me if i were sailing off course .
a gentle calm rocK / d the rent / d vessel . the tides of destruction have sober / d . i tear the plywood from the door n walK onto the batter / d decK to inspect the carnage of enraged waves .

the crew were gone n i want / d to believe they

the crew was gone w / the dingy ‘ s n moonshine . they were tasK / d w / an unwritten n unspoKen contract to watch the rear of the ship , while i steer / d . i hand / d them the compass to yell directions if i veer / d off path . they were quiet . i hand / d them my glass / s to watch in the distance for clouds , leaving myself blind to what lay / d ahead . they were silent . i trust / d them . so , i had another drinK , until i slip / d into blacKout . that ‘ s when they vandalized the ship n abandon / d me , assuming i ‘ d sinK n never tell .

i stare at the ocean , my only escape . one way or the other . in the distance , i see a flicKer of sand n w / o consideration , i dive in . i start to sinK n that ‘ s the point . at least i try / d . i slowly swallow / d salt n urchins n fill / d my lungs n feel warm , bloat / d n at ease n i drift bacK into the dream i was having before i awoKe .

my bloat / d body floats to shore , undisturbed by hungry fish . my body is beach / d , liKe a naKed slug . i imagine myself in a peaceful garden , a living cherub spitting water on the flower bed . i open my eyes n a burly fisherman who smells of dead fish is laying on my broKen ribs , cheering me on .

i sit up , lungs dumping salty sea waters , untangle legs from seaweed . a cop approaches me w / a metallic , crinKly safety blanKet n hands me a hot cocoa while draping me in crinkled warmth . he tells me that my friends are oKay n when i ‘ m unresponsive , he raises an eyebrow n asKs me what happen / d out there .

i tell him that i woKe up one morning n everyone was gone n everything was ruin / d .

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