wedding ring

a few months ago , we went on a biKe ride at the river .

we stop / d by a shallow , shaded creeK so my daughter could dip her warm n pudgy toes .

i tooK off my bicycle gloves to play w / her n have a snacK .

later , i was telling a lively story w / my hands when i felt liKe something was missing .

i had lost my blacK wedding ring !

fucKery !

it must ‘ ve slip / d free when i tooK off my gloves to play in the water !

my fingers are sKinny n the ring was – some days , at least – loose .

too darK to hop on my biKe when i noticed , i set my alarm for , liKe , 8 am – ish .

it ‘ s a little , scratch / d , blacK ring …

for days i rode my biKe up n down the same path , stopping where it might ‘ ve been .

but , it ‘ s a little , scratch / d , blacK ring .

no lucK .

i ‘ ve remain / d hopeful , though , looKing off the gravel path whenever we rode by .

” i ‘ ll find it , ” i ‘ d say .

i felt it was true .

unliKely , but true .

we replaced it w / a blacK magnetic hematite ring we bought off someone ‘ s grandmother for six dollars at a small – town flea marKet we cycled too .

months later , as i pacK / d for our long overdue honeymoon i thought ” i should replace my lost ring before we go to san diego . ”

pondering where to buy one , i grab / d a pair of shorts n the ring fell to floor n now it ‘ s bacK on my finger .

wishful thinKing …

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