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I’m an introvert and I need my alone time.

But, I’m also a father, now.

So, it becomes selfish if I’m running away to my office every evening to be by myself.

Especially when I’m coming up empty handed.

“Were you jerking off downstairs?” my wife asks me every single night as I crawl into bed.

“No” I reply, half-guilty.

“Then what were you doing down there?” she says, as she breathes deep trying to smell if there is a hint of you’re lying in the air.

“I wrote, babe. You know that.”

“You should’ve written the Harry Potter chronicles by now,” she mumbles, “oh wait, you are Harry Potter, boom!” She laughs to herself as she’s half asleep, and then opens her eyes, seriously, looking into my soul and says, “you better have a fucking book published soon, pervert.”

And, thus…

Welcome to bj draKe’s website that is basically just to prove that I’m not just masturbating downstairs, gosh.

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