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An amateur writer can soak your blog in lighter fluid, douse gasoline on your content, and pack dry twigs under your eBook. But, you need a pro to flick the zippo and ignite your audience’s interest.

bj draKe is a writer, not some imposter with a curved keyboard.

But, what is to write without being able to share it’s worth and wisdom?

“Oh, for shame,” lamented the weary widow, her gloved backhand draped across her faint forehead in despair as she gasped at the sun.

… by seeking the modestly priced services of bj draKe writing you will be giving a parched writer water to soak his oratory muscles and share his magnificence with your fleetingly entertained audience, hypnotizing them with his wordily wizardry …


In other words, bj draKe (uh, me … ) offers a wide variety of writing services available to suite your every need;

Compelling copywriting aimed at selling your product and attracting your target audience, no matter how taboo and niche they may be.

Corporate histories written to engage even the most disengaged employee.

Google AdWords for those who have their own website and no idea what a Google AdWord is.

Advertisements like ol’ fashion print ad and magazines, radio commercials, billboard slogans, cereal jingles and local TV commercials that won’t embarrass your nephews, anymore.

Banners that capture the most concentrated motorist’s attention (bj draKe accepts no fault for injuries as a result of mesmerisation).

Does your blog  have only one follower; mom?  Let me scare her away, attract more than a few new readers and even have your stubborn auntie Carol sign-up for the weekly mailers (and she doesn’t sign up for ANYthing).

Is your monthly newsletter becoming bi-monthly because you should’ve never agreed to take it on in the first place? I can help you and *wink* you can take ALL the credit, Susan.

… in other words …

Anything that requires use of a keyboard can be discussed.

Collaborations and guest blogging requests are welcome and encouraged (will write to suit because I assume your blog doesn’t want my suburbanite drama).

So, if you’re paying another freelancer or professional copywriter your hard earned dollar bills, listen to these words of wisdom Vanilla Ice shared with Kat in the movie Cool As Ice …

“Why don’t you drop the zero and get with a hero?”

-Vanilla Ice

contact  and let’s get started on inking our future, today.

 bj draKe